Steve Smart and the Bitter Disappointments

Steve Smart and the Bitter Disappointments

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You should listen to Steve Smart. Why? Because he's a kind and loving person. With anger issues. Spoken-word is a broad term, let's not use it here. Let's call it lo-fi-post-rock-poetry with balls the size of emu eggs (which are quite large).


Crawling out of the swamp somewhere between 1856 and 2003, Steve Smart is your best friend from high school who was imaginary. Words are very important to him as someone with limited social skills. This has led to an interesting stage style which could be described as cartoon-poet. It's not all jokes though, there are serious bits in there. The poetry comes from life and life can be brutal.

Over the past decade Steve has performed his words from barns to taverns across the globe (including the Sydney Opera House and the Nuyorican Poets Cafe). Over the years he has been lucky enough to share bills with some of Australia's best bands and spoken word artists and developed a reputation as a performer unafraid to take on the chaos gigs. He has released 2 CD's independently as well as various zines and chatbooks. His first book is due in Septemebr 2007. Steve is currently seeking a record label to take him under their wing, so if you like what you hear feel free to get in touch.


Diatribe (2002 independently released)
Aint That A Kick In The Head (2006 independently released)

Set List

Sample Setlist:

Blind and I
Stages of Grieving
Fucking Poet
Your Paranoia
Less The Predator
When The Kissing Stopped
Tom's Diner (Suzanne Vega cover)