Steve Smyth

Steve Smyth


Steve Smyth’s story is a great one and only just beginning. His roots in music can be traced back to a childhood of endless travel and Sunday gospel sessions. Smyth harbours the old soul of a Dylan or Guthrie, within the body of a young man.


A born wanderer, Steven Smyth grew up travelling around Australia as the son of ministers. His parents built churches from scratch, and from the age of four years old, he found himself constantly surrounded by music and people making it. With this kind of free-spirited upbringing came the experience of being on stage or in an audience for most of his life.

At the age of eight, he commandeered his sister’s guitar and then refused to give it back. Steve confesses to being helped along the way “I had a dozen lessons, but one day the teacher pissed off and left me with the only thing I wanted from him: the songbook for U2’s Joshua Tree.”

Through his teens he discovered his musical influences such as Leadbelly, Carol King, Radiohead, Tim Buckley, and Bob Dylan – “The first time I heard Bob Dylan, it was like he hit through the speakers directly to my soul. Bob became my Troubadour dream brother.” It’s these timeless influences that reflect Smyth’s soul-baring sound and lyrics today.

At 16, he performed a guitar instrumental of Jeff Buckley’s Grace to an enraptured audience at Vietnam’s first western concert since the 1960’s. In the midst of short stints in bands, Smyth was also working as an apprentice carpenter. It was at 17 when he tapped on the neighbour’s door with a power chord to ask if he could lend a powerpoint. A man who’d just woke up answered the door with guitar in hand. His name was Jack Lowry. Jack was from Oregon, a unique soul that some people are lucky enough to meet once in a lifetime. Jack encouraged Steven to write through the slapping of mosquitos. He taught him to sing with feeling – to mean every word he was singing. “Otherwise, what’s the point?”

From that moment on, he found himself constantly travelling and playing music. It was a yearning that seemed so natural and easy. He found a pure existence in performance.

Steven Smyth is one of those artists who draws you in even before you’ve heard him perform. There seems to be an energy that clings to him which reaps mystery and a deep, honest passion. And when you see him perform you feel like he’s conveying a million conversations, a million experiences filled with heartache, love, excitement… And he delivers his songs with pure honesty and an unconscious bliss. You can almost hear the churning out of his mind through his antique Remington typewriter.

“Music is something I do where I don’t have to pretend. It’s an honest place to be, and that humbles me. And I can’t get enough of that,” Steven Smyth.



Written By: Steve Smyth

Im lonely cause i am my own man and my own man ways keep me that way
Now night falls to closely to my eyes but i know that the sun will have its day.
A pilgrim may be shot down by the sight of daybreak and smoke will be seen from her gunslingin hands.

My mama she taught me good and proper, not to drink wiskey girls and gamble my soul on the table.
I know your daddy told you twice but i'll tell you three times, that the next man you fire may put you in a grave where you stand.
Did you take me for a fool cause i had it coming.
For my cheating heart thought your love would never stray.

Delila stole the man from her world.
Woman you treat me like a girl.
After all love resides , the worst thing you can give is pity.

I'm a milk and honey, i'm a milk and honey but you steel it from the back truck when i deliver it everyday.
I saw you dancing round a field of flowers with a knife in your left hand and a glass of red wine in the right.
I drank you up till i overflowed but its not your body that i want just give me your hand.


I'm taking it back from the river where you led me down, though the tangle reeds i will ride this white horse outa this town.
And if i ever see a traveller lying against the wind with weary eyes.
I will know that she danced with you under the hill, under the enchanted moon, with the rush of the river, with the warm breeze, that wavers the reeds, with the serpents underneath that lie and steal and cheat and deal.
With all his strength of integrity he only got out alive.
Alive, Alive, Alive.

Cocaine Mountain

Written By: Steve Smyth

This is a song, for all the young
and all the friends i've lost and the ones that i have won.
There is a path that leads to the heavens , the ground beneath is so unsteady there is little all direction.


Wisky for you and even more for me.
What is that doctor as its passed around the room.
were all just looking for some understanding of love and the meaning of this world we live in.
How ever you get there girl, however you do.
I'll always meet you at the top
of the cocain mountain.

I've walked with brothers, I've walked with sisters. I've touched the faces of witches, held the hand of the devils apprentice.
I've seen a man with his quarter of gold, sayin com'on boy and little girl get with the new revolution.

I've seen a woman run around in the forest.
Singin there is a void inside my heart that i just can't seem to fill.
I said girl get up off your knees there is no shelter here.
So take the eyes from the back of your head and put them on the road ahead.



2008: 4 Tracks EP - "Scarlett Roses" currently at radio nationally in Australia.

2007: "diamonds, hearts, clubs and spades" EP

Set List

red house
cocaine mountain
scarlet roses
st james infirmary blues
there is a light
pistols at dawn
ballad of echo and limbo
for themselves

Set time: 60 mins