Steve Spataro

Steve Spataro


Alternative rock & acoustic rock, strong melodic and lyric presence with a diverse sound.


A well seasoned musician and singer/songwriter, Steve brings a strong musical and vocal presence to his original sound while still keeping a traditional sense of form, structure, and balance to his music. It all boils down to the song, so no matter what style he is writing in, rock, pop, children’s music, etc, the quality of the song and music always shines.


A Little Love Can Go a Long Way

Written By: Stephen Spataro

A little boy lying in a hospital bed
the nurse comes in when she could have gone home instead.
His family left, he's really scared, she takes his hand to let him know she is there.
They read some stories and talk for a while.
She kisses his head, tucks him in and gives him a smile.
Ref- A little love can go a long way
An elderly woman living all alone.
her family passed on and there's no one else left at home.
Teen age neighbors come around.
It's Saturday night and they could be out on the town.
She bakes some goodies and talks of the past. She tells them to treasure each day cause it goes by so fast.
bg-Everybody has a busy life, all too busy to see.
If we just took some time to care, what a better world this would be.


Set List

As a solo acoustic gig - I do all the standard Classic Rock Pieces and then some. I add things like Seal, acoustic version of Journey, whatever mixes things up and gets the audience going. I also add originals when the audience is ready.