Steve Stacey & The Stump Splitters

Steve Stacey & The Stump Splitters


Either solo or with the band you will like Steve Stacey & The Stump Splitters, ranging from country to folk to rock, with toungue firmly planted in his cheek. FUN.


Steve Stacey and the Stump Splitters Bio

Whistling in from the hills of the Ottawa Valley comes a sound like no other. Steve Stacey and the Stump Splitters like to kick up the dust on the old country sound, to a place where pedal steel guitars rein and lyrics will not only hit home but will also entertain the most sceptical of critics. Playing some of the biggest stages in Ottawa and the surrounding area Steve and the Stump Splitters have been making new fans fast and furious. With a new CD in the works, following up the 2004 debut “Sounded Good at the Time” , Steve is armed with a variety of tales, fibs, and out-right lies (for the most part) that make listening to him not only fun, but also one hell of a good time. For more information head on over to


CD - Tall Tales, Fibs & Outright Lies - 2007
CD - Sounded Good at the Time - 2004

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Set List

Typical set list is all originals, new and old. Maybe a cover of Folsom Prison Blues or Truck Drivin' Man.
Set can be anywhere from 40min to an 90min.