Steve Varney

Steve Varney


A storyteller with amazing musical and vocal abilities used to lure any audience into what is being said. Guitars, effects, harmonicas and vocal melodies that will hypnotize any audience and keep them humming long after the show.


For the past few years, Steve Varney has been honing his skills as a songwriter and as a performer in the Denver area. His strength lies in telling stories with his music and creating characters & situations that represent what is important in life. This allows the listener to pick and choose what to take with them when they hear the song. He strives to create meaningful lyrics and his musical accompaniments helps bring more to each song. Whether the song is about himself (which he will never admit), or some fictional being that represents us all, Steve writes songs for other people more than for himself.

"An unexplainable joy falls upon me when I complete a song. However, that joy hits its highest level only when the song is shared with someone else. Nothing else makes me feel that way."

Steve is currently working on a full album that is set to be released by the end of Spring 2009.



Written By: Steve Varney

You better follow me home / I feel like I’ve never driven on this road before / Give me a flash or your lights / If I ever get out of your sight / Please / Let’s push these words from the dark / Before they pull the two of us apart / I feel like our love is a crime / With a motive the cops will never find / Don’t call off your dogs my love / They can keep me warm when you’re gone / If you bribe them to leave me alone / I’ll fill my yard with snow-white bones / Apologies losing their skin / Even though they’ve been there through thick and thin / When it comes to living my darling / I’m afraid I may go starving without you / They’re licking their mouths with crazy eyes / You’re bringing them back for anything left behind / There’s nothing left of me go ahead and look / Not after the bridges you’ve burned and the pictures they took / You better follow me home / I feel like I’ve never driven on this road before / Give me a flash of your lights / If I ever get out of your sight

Whistle Blower

Written By: Steve Varney (copyright 2008)

My you’re walking awfully fast / Take is slower / Is that your letter to the top brass / Hand it over / Oh yes you’ll get it back after some changes / Some rearranges / Hours of painting black / All those pages / Our pretense may have been false / And alarming / But our voices if you recall / Were very charming / Stuff our guns with daisy stems / Make your protest / We’re the means to the end / It’s our bullet proof vest / You make it hard to join forces / Riding high on broken horses / We could live much better than this / My you’ve strayed from the mass / You whistle blower / Is that your letter to the top brass / hand it over


Annual Demise EP - Dec 2008

Set List

Some originals:
All of My Favors
Whistle Blower
Color the World
Some covers:
High and Dry (Radiohead)