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Growing up in a modest home in the rural mountains of North Carolina, Steve Virginia was constantly enveloped by the music of legendary musicians. Taking turns playing their personal favorites on the family record player, the Virginias raised Steve on the sounds of his mother’s John Denver, James Taylor and Boston records, as well as his father’s Willie Nelson, Mike Cross and Merle Haggard albums. His grandmother, a former 1940s lounge singer, also made a tremendous impact on Steve by sharing her musical adventures and singing her favorites while working around the house. The unbreakable bond linking family and music would remain strong throughout Steve’s life. At the age of thirteen, when Steve’s mother gave birth to his younger brother, the excitement of a new sibling was accompanied by loss as his father left the family. Steve now had the obligation to be the man of the house, taking a job at a local theme park to provide extra income. Steve’s mother during this time became a big influence in his life. “Mom taught me how to treat people. Plain and simple without the love and support from her, I would not be here today!” Through these times, Steve often looked to music as a mechanism to cope with daily challenges. “Music is what really kept me from getting into trouble when I was a young adult. When most kids were going out and partying, I was busy trying to get better at what I loved. It never occurred to me that someday I might get to do it for a living.” Representing the male role models he lacked, Steve’s twin uncles became an integral part of his life. Steve’s musical ambitions were strengthened by his uncles’ influence, for countless nights he would quietly observe the practices for their cover band, hidden from view. He was quick to pick up the nuances from his uncles’ styles and soon began developing his own. As a teenager, Steve played drums for hours on end, earning him top honors at his high school. Steve continued to work the local circuit as a drummer, but soon became restless behind the drum kit. It was becoming more and more evident to him that where he wanted to be was in front of the kit, not behind it. While working on his BA in Graphic Design at Appalachian State University, Steve continued to work at the theme park and quickly worked his way up to headlining the entertainment department. During this time, he transitioned from hiding in the shadows behind his drums to taking center stage with a microphone. Steve thrived in the spotlight and began to develop his uncanny ability of capturing the audience with his performance. Drawing from his strong family ties, which taught him that every individual is an integral part of a whole, Steve sought to make a personal connection with the audience, making the crowd feel what he was feeling. He soon became regionally known for his ability to engage audiences of different sizes, backgrounds, and economic status. People began to come to the park just to see Steve’s shows, and would often wait for him outside the gates for an autograph or a photo. After college, Steve, his ex-wife Jennifer, and their daughter Lilly, relocated to Nashville. Steve possesses a passion for music that ties together many different genres and generations. “When I make music, I am not trying to make rock or country. I just try to make good music. Music for my fans and myself. If you like it, great! If you don’t, listen again it will grow on you! For me the greatest gift is for the people to give me their energy as a direct influence of what I do. After all it is all my fans that allow me to do what I love everyday!” Since the move to Nashville, Steve has put together one of the hottest bands around. His live shows are garnering serious attention on music row for their energy, and intensity. Steve is quickly gaining attention among several “A-list” musicians, as an artist who “Has what it takes to be around a long time.” Steve is currently finishing up his debut album with his producer Allen Morgan, and is continuing to write with songwriting heavyweights throughout Nashville. “I hope that in 15 years people see me as a trailblazer. A guy who stuck to his guns, and made it to the top HIS WAY.” In his time in Nashville Steve has played some world famous clubs/venues including: The Bluebird Café (as a Sunday Spotlight), the Wildhorse, The Country Music Hall of Fame, and the CMA music festival. Steve is one of the most electric performers in music today, and is always looking for an audience to play to.