Steve Webb/The Difference

Steve Webb/The Difference


Classic power trio, playing on the edge with a mix of blues, rock and improvising.


Our most recent CD tells the tale of Alfredo Morales a man Steve worked with loading trucks in Van Nuys California. The lyrics are based on his storys and hard life. Bless you Homes where ever you are.


I had a dream last night

Written By: Frank Robson

I had a dream last night
I was on my way back home
it was such a beautiful sight
to see the hills I've roamed

You see I've made some mistakes
and now I'm doing time
it's gonna take a long long while
before I pay the fine

I had a dream last night
I was in your arms
you squeezed me oh so tight
and I surrendered to your charms

Then I woke up in a cold cold sweat
I want that dream to last
but I've just got to carry on
no going back to the past

I've been dragging these chains
for much too long
I know I'm guilty and I've done some wrong
But I think I've done my time
I know I was to blame
Won't somebody help me out
before I go insane

I had a dream last night

I'll Carry You

Written By: Steve Webb/Tonjua Hawkins

If you should go out and crash your car, I won't be far call me on the phone
I will not postpone
I'll carry you home

And if you should take too much and fall down, I'll be around and you know what's more, you can be sure
I'll carry you to your door

Whatever in your life you desire
I'll keep the fire burning and some day you'll know

Whatever cross you have to bear
I will share the burden and some day I'll know
I'll carry you home

And if you should need a steady hand
I'll take command through the danger zone, you won't be alone
I'll carry you home

And if you should fall in love again
I'll take the pain and if she lets you down, I'll be around
To carry you home


The Difference aka 'The Blue album'
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Set List

We do songs from all our records plus covers like a wild take on 'Runaway' by Del Shannon and 'Roadrunner' by Bo Diddley