Steve Woolsey

Steve Woolsey


A colorful and creative songwriter, guitarist, and singer who strives for flavor, creativity, and perfection in both composition and performance.


My music is original. I draw on influences like James Taylor, Paul Simon, John Mayer, and Eric Clapton to teach myself to play guitar. After four years of learning the guitar on my own, I began taking formal lessons as a student at Houghton College and Houghton's Greatbach School of Music, where I studied both business and music.

I spend countless hours daily, and have for the past several years, crafting music and lyric, trying to achieve what I feel are artistic and creative new songs. My influences have taught me to be a perfectionist both in writing and in performing. I listen to every genre of music I can find, whether or not I like it initially, trying to find different aspects of each that are interesting, ingenius, and pleasing to the ear.

I am a big proponent of being overprepared for shows, rather than underprepared. I am also of the mindset that people come to a show primarily for the music, so while I speak briefly from time to time about certain songs or things I think might interest the crowd or get a laugh here and there, I primarily focus on putting on a great musical performance. I use dynamics both vocally and instrumentally, as well as a very practiced and studied guitar ability to catch listeners and onlookers attention. I have sang in men's choir at college, with the aim of improving my vocal range and technique, and this has been successful as well.

I am always very aware of the audience I am playing for, and as a business major with a concentration in marketing, I am sensitive to their thoughts and desires at a show, or listening to a CD. I am a music fan myself, but I try to put myself into the listener's shoes, to get a better perspective from the other side of the stage.


I have released two recordings, though only one for sale. In 2005 I released a three song untitled EP. Then in late spring of 2006, I released a full length live album under the title "Give Me a Reason", which I am currently promoting on tour, as well as distributing to venues and various radio stations in the region. I have been featured on 98.9 "The Buzz"'s morning show as a hot new local artist.

Set List

My typical set list features a combination of original songs, both old and new, as well as a variety of cover material that fans can relate with, or that are particularly fun to play and listen to. My sets last anywhere from 45, to (more often) two and three hours. This depends on the type of venue I'm playing.

Artists frequently covered include James Taylor, Paul Simon, Eric Clapton, John Mayer, and Sting. I have also covered bands like the Beatles, Teitur, Ari Hest, Dave Matthews, and Jack Johnson on occasion.

Typical Setlist:

Secret O' Life - James Taylor
Naivet� - Steve Woolsey
Wandering - James Taylor
All I Need to See - Steve Woolsey
Change the World - Eric Clapton
Yesterday - Steve Woolsey
Waiting - Steve Woolsey
Far Across the Sea - Steve Woolsey
Everyday - Buddy Holly
Homeward Bound - Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel
Train - Steve Woolsey
I Just Might - Steve Woolsey
Fourth of July - James Taylor
Slow Dancing in a Burning Room - John Mayer
Autumn Girl -