Well Seasoned, Well Traveled, Well Versed, singer/songwriter. If you were to listen to Steve Earle, Bob Dylan, Kelly Joe Phelps, Bruce Springsteen and add a little dash of Tom Waits, you'd get an idea of what Stevie is about.


Stevie was born in Metro Atlanta back in the 70s to a singer/songwriter father and a beautifully voiced mother who sang with his father on the weekends all around Atlanta. So you could say that music has always been a "Family Business" to him. Growing up in Metro Atlanta in the 70s afforded Stevie the opportunity to absorb a wide variety of music. Which anyone would witness if you happen to catch one of his performances.
He began playing guitar under his father's instruction at 8 yrs old, but it wasn't to last too long as his folks split up just 2 years later and Stevie stayed with his mother. His mother was a tireless worker and left him at home by himself a lot so he began teaching himself guitar . He went to live with his father when he was 14 and started playing guitar for his father's band when he was 15. By the time Stevie was 17 he was the lead player in the band and was making 50 a night which was great money to him considering his classmates were working fast food jobs for about the same amount of coin.
After Stevie graduated High School he joined the USMC for a chance to see the world. When he was home on leave after bootcamp he received his first real lesson in the "dark side" of the music business.
Stevie's father had ended up owing a lot of back child support from when he was a kid until he was 17. The $50.00 a night he was making turned out to be $100.00 a night but his father was taking half of his pay and giving it to his mother. Stevie was, in fact, paying his own back child support with his own gig money!!!! Ask him about it now and you'll just hear him laugh and say, "tell me there ain't a country song in that somewhere."
The Marine Corps eventually led him to Okinawa Japan. He fell in love with the Island and decided to stay there when he got out. He lived there close to 19 years and loved every minute of it. He's been quoted as saying, "what more could a guy want, I was drinking beer and hanging out on the beach all day and playing guitar for money at night!" He was always playing either as a solo act or as 1/2 of the "Stevie & Doug" show that had developed quite a following amongst the locals as well as the American Military. This afforded him the opportunity to have his own radio show and become somewhat of a "personality." He was becoming a fixture on the music/media scene and was able to start touring.
Stevie has traveled from Okinawa to Mainland Japan, to Iraq, Thailand, Korea, Taiwan, and Jordan.
All of this constant travel got tiresome so he decided to open his own club in Okinawa. He had the only acoustic hookah bar in Okinawa so business was good. However, one Friday night as the regulars were strolling in he said to himself, "I'm in my 30s, not my 50s. There is still a lot I want to see and do." So within 2 months he sold his bar and was back in the U.S.
He's been traveling all over the country from South Carolina to Georgia, to Nashville, to Arizona, and he is now currently "parked" in Utah where he is planning his next step.


All Of A Woman

Written By: S Bradford

I want to reach out & touch you
Feel your breath against my neck
But I don’t know how you feel and it’s tearing me apart
It’s making me a mental wreck
This abused & battered body
Of which I call my own
Beats a lover’s heart, a simple mind
And a poet gypsy’s soul

Sometimes it ain’t so easy
Tryin’ to be your friend
I want us to be more. I want to find a way
For you to let me in
I’ve shared my thoughts & emotions
From deep inside my soul
You’ve touched me in ways no woman ever has
And I’ve got to let you know

You’re all of a woman within my eyes
In this everlasting game
I wish that I could say this when we’re face to face
But I always feel ashamed
I wanna take you in my arms and hold you tight
Make love to you until the morning light
I surrender to you. I don’t care if it’s wrong or it’s right

I keep thinking about you
You’re always on my mind
You’re misleading in ways in which I can’t explain
Even if you gave me time
You’ve brought things out from inside of me
I haven’t felt for quite a while
The funny thing is you never said a word
All you did was smile

*Repeat Chorus

It’s hard feeling the way I feel
I can’t control my emotions or a single thought
And no I probably never will
Maybe I’m making too much out of this
Whatever this may be.
What would a woman like you ever see
In a guy like me


*Repeat Chorus

Greetings From Paradise

Written By: S Bradford

Let’s throw some steaks on the grill
Beer in the freezer, I’m sure it’s chilled
Put Buffett in and hit play
Let’s do this everyday
Till we’re “wasted away”

Got lost here 9 years ago
I was too young there was no way I’d know
The course that my life would steer
I’ve tackled all of my fears
And I’m still standing here

*Cause this is how I choose to live my life
Cost me my health it cost me both my wives
But grab my guitar and we’ll play all night
It doesn’t matter if the words are right
Hey ya’ll shut up I think I hear the phone
I’m gonna tell ‘em that I’m never comin’ home
I got some shrimp on ice
This Island breeze feels nice
Greetings From Paradise

Tomorrow let’s hit the beach
The surf & sand is well within our reach
We’ll watch the girls walkin’ round
Their skin is so soft & brown
God you gotta love this town

But I’ve got to be home by 8
I’ve gotta go to work, I can’t be late
By then my buzz will kick in
It’s good to be here with friends
Don’t let this party ever end

*Because I’ve gotta go & do my thing
I can’t believe I’m getting paid to sing
See that girl there she keeps on watchin’ me
After the show well maybe then we’ll see
Ya know I’m livin’ other people’s dreams
It keeps me livin’ well beyond my means
But all these girls look nice
Nobody here thinks twice
Greetings From Paradise


*Repeat First Chorus

Hammock (Somewhere In The Night)

Written By: S Bradford

Lookin’ out over the ocean, yeah
Reflecting on my days
I was lying in your hammock
In the living room in the shade
And it occurs to me
I was taken in by your light.
Somewhere in the night
Somewhere in the night

With a restless heart and Gypsy’s soul
One of the most stubborn women that I’ve ever known
But with lover’s smile & angel’s eyes
Something inside you made me realize
That it occurs to me
I was taken in by your light.
Somewhere in the night
Somewhere in the night

Let’s call this what it is Baby
Cause I know what ya see
Why can’t you take me for who I am
And not what life has made of me


Lookin’ out over the ocean, yeah
Remembering yesterday
I was lying in your hammock
In the living room in the shade

Get Away

Written By: S Bradford

Alarm Clock rings it’s warning
At six O’clock each morning
Ain’t no fun at all
Your eyes are bloodshot red
You’d like to stay in bed
but you know duty calls
There’s a traffic jam you’re late
You sit & contemplate
On your life’s happenings
Well what’s to decide
Let your conscience be your guide
And see what fate may bring

*Get Away
Find yourself a dream & don’t let go
Put your pink feet in some sand
And a big drink in your hand
And take control
Get Away
Don’t let one more minute pass you by
It’s your life your in command
Take a chance & take a stand
Don’t be afraid to try

Your boss is on your case
He’s always in your face
He don’t let up at all
You’re working all the time
You feel you’re gonna lose your mind
But you’re afraid to fall
Well what’s this big attraction
Possessions are distractions
To your state of mind
Just lighten up & grin
You’ll find yourself again
And pretty soon you’ll find
You need to

*Repeat Chorus


*Repeat Chorus

Sunny Side Up

Written By: S Bradford

It’s early one Sunday morning
Smell of brewing coffee is strong
Daddy sitting down at the table
And the radio sermon is on

As he sits down at the table
He feels his parents holding something back
Mama sits down wearing just her slip
And he sees those bruises on her back

Then within the blink of an eye
Ol’ Daddy, raises his hand to the sky
And then knocks Mama right out of her chair
And then he takes a drink, and then he says with a sigh

*There’s no cream in my coffee this morning
You know you gave me a dirty cup
I blame you for all of my problems
And my eggs aren’t Sunny Side Up
My Eggs aren’t Sunny Side Up

I’m a young boy. I’m in High School
I’ve got a part time job of my own
I come home late from work one evening & my Daddy’s waiting up for me
Till I get home

You didn’t take the trash out when you left this morning
You know your room is still a mess
You didn’t kiss your stepmother goodbye when you left this morning
You pissed me off son more or less

Then within the blink of an eye
Ol’ Daddy rasises his hand to the sky
And then he knocks me right down to the ground
And then he takes a drink and then he says with a sigh

*My ice cubes don’t stay cold anymore
My bottle is half filled up
I blame you for all of my problems
And my Eggs Aren’t Sunny Side Up
My eggs aren’t Sunny Side Up

We’ve gotta find a way to put an end
To this situation
Cause beatin’ one another’s just a problem with
No solution

Now I’m a young man. I’m in control of my life
I’ve got a wife, got a lil’ boy of my own
I listen to my baby boy cry all night and I
Listen to my ol’ lady bitch & moan

But I don’t even drink coffee anymore yeah
I like my chicken without bones
(My eggs aren’t sunny side up anymore
So I’ll have to learn to cook my own) x3

Dischordal Harmony

Written By: S Bradford

I’ll be on my way as soon as I can find the door
The key that I’ve been using, I can’t use it anymore
Beatin’ that ol’ Devil back 1 bottle at a time
nearly lost my soul but that never crossed my mind

And I’m tired of feelin’ Cold
Don’t want to be here anymore
How can you expect to know what’s best for me
When you don’t know a thing about me
Or know what I believe

This place is like a microscope and everyone looks through it
It’s become a cancer to me. I wish someone would remove it
Walkin’ down these dead end streets that once were paved with gold
Where I used to hang my dreams, now there’s just a hole

Inside, inside of me
Don’t really know what to believe
I would love to sit but I can’t stay & linger
By the time I leave this place I’ll count my friends on 1 finger

I’ll be on my way as soon as I can find the door
The key that I’ve been using, I can’t use it anymore
Beatin’ that ol’ Devil back 1 bottle at a time
Never needed salt and I never needed lime

And I’m tired of being tired
Don’t want to be here anymore
Jesus won’t you come and make my dying bed
All I need’s a place to rest my weary head


"Greetings From Paradise"
released in 2000 in Japan.
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Stevie plays his own music with the accompaniment of over 300 cover songs in his catalog.