Stevie D and The No Shows

Stevie D and The No Shows


This 3-piece band from Gainesville Florida can best be described as a singer/songwriter with a drum and bass backing band, merging aspects of folk and acoustic music with the rhythms and staccato of rock, reggae, punk and blues - sure to surprise people expecting another acoustic crooner.


Started in 2005 as an acoustic solo project for singer/songwriter Steven Davis (a.k.a. Stevie D) Stevie D and The No Shows quickly gained recognition in their hometown of Gainesville Florida. Naturally, the one man show grew into a full band, adding veteran bass player Jesse Burke and drummer Chris Langley to the lineup.

Though the group merges aspects of folk, country, rock and blues, it's not what you'd expect from traditional country revivalists or avid folkies; they're just as likely to throw in a quick reggae jam in the middle of a country/punk song, or break out a harmonica for a modern folk/rock tune. Fans and newcomers alike are sure to find a surprise or two, and surely something they like about this up-and-coming trio.

- Compress Magazine

Some of the bands we've shared the stage with:
Southern Culture on the Skids, Coffee Project, Cory Branan,
Mischief Brew (Erik Petersen), The Independents,
Dan Potthast (MU330), Drew Danburry, Christina Wagner,
The Most, The Ones to Blame, Dodger, The Early Twenties
and many other great National,
Regional and Local acts.


Something's Wrong

Written By: Steven Davis

we all sit idoly while they set our death traps
giving us half the facts committing hell worthy acts
holding us back all while keeping in tact
their agenda and we all just sit back on our ass
so build up your fortress with stolen soil
mix it all in with the blood and oil
you play with a torch you’re gonna get caught in the fire
and all for an earthly desire.

carry away your fallen and pray
we’ll find a way to fight it someday
with the strength of a unified song
and words delivered like bombs
chords ringin out the alarm
hey hey something’s wrong

bombs burn bright in the fiery night
holy ghosts cry out at the blasphemous sight
head on backwards soldier’s shoulders square
marching foot by foot breathing poisonous air
surrender your gun to the rightful son
and the enemy will fall down one by one
lay down your swords and your weapons of war
and verily prosperity will come

tensions run high here on welfare street
bad blood trickles deep into the sewers beneath
where it’s reclaimed and processed and introduced back
into the cycle and progress just fades away fast
the sum of petty differences cannot outweigh
what’s really at stake and for goodness’ sake
i don’t give a damn if you’re black tan or white
if you’re with me and willing to fight

Time Will Tell

Written By: Steven Davis

say what’re you gonna do when the well runs dry
and there’s no inspiration left to live your life
will you carry on or face the facts
time will tell on that

miracles were more prevalent way back when
sell ‘em on the corner dime a dozen then
are they gone for good are they coming back
time will tell on that

if i asked for honesty would i get a lie
for your strong arm would you offer me the left or right
will you spit in my face will you stab my back
time will tell on that

i’m asking you will you stay true
to your beliefs and to yourself in everything you do
if you answered yes then you’re surely blessed
would you stay and help me pave the way
if i asked you if you were really still alive
would you scream out “damn right” with all your might
will you give it all or just half ass
time will tell on that

come out of the slums ya bums it’s time to pick up with the pace
‘cause tonight we’re locking arms and marching out of this place
and if this campaign is not enough to bolster change
you know they’ll damn sure all remember our names
gonna take every broken heart and wounded soul
light ‘em up wind ’em up and let ‘em go
can we count on you to strike the match
time will tell on that

the firefly is alive at night
but where does he go when the world is light
does he go out past our furthest flight
way beyond our line of sight
if you and i were fireflies
i wonder if we’d burn into the end of the night
like a roman candle napalm attack
time will tell on that


Sordid Bliss [2005 - No Show Records]

Mediocre Words [2007 - No Show Records]

Something's Wrong [2009 - No Show Records]

Set List

Currently working on this set list:

Time Will Tell
Something's Wrong
Tear Each Other Down
Morning Light
Books and Tapes
Rise and Fight
I Still Drink Occasionally
The Ladder
Blues for My Dad
Dying Days

We typically play shows that only allow us 30-45 minute sets, but we can play for 3 hours if given the chance, we try to maintain a high energy set of original songs.

We don't normally do covers, but occasionally will throw one in if the crowd's having a good time. We cover a range of music from Hank Williams, to Op Ivy and Michael Jackson.