Stevie Doctor Lee

Stevie Doctor Lee

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The Recoring Artist that belives truly in the gift of constantly giving through his soulful sound of life transposed into musical melodies. A new sound that stimulates your heart mind, and spirit. Touching, Hot, the Recording Artist that keeps a refrreashing musical sound or the world.


Born in the Windy City Chicago, Stevie Doctor Lee was Born the last son of the musical soul sister Elnora Lee on May 9, 1970. He was born Stevie Ladale Lee. His father is a great business man that thaught the real values of life. Stevie Doctor Lee was born singing even though his family was one of the poorest families on the block. Never affording real instruments Stevie would use the kitchen table as his piano, and the broom as his electric guitar. Knowing that one day he would have he woould be sharing with th eworld the gift that he was born with (Music).

Using his music to helpp many great causes Stevie Doctor Lee would volunteer at community Talent shows as judges, and perform for benefit around the city. As of this date he is now supporting different Breast Cancer Organizations with his new Music Cd: Death by Heartbreak Pt.1

The best part about Stevie Doctor Lee is that he has grown very affraid. He has a great fear, and that fear is to die without giving or have helped a minimum of 1,000,000 or more people in th world.


Life without mother

Written By: Dr. Stevie Lee

I remember,
Growing up in this world
Watching you grow old
While people treat you so cold

When ever I was down
You were always there
Telling me that I can make it
Telling me how much you care

Even though you're gone
I still call your name
I wanna hear your voice
Things just not the same
If I could make a wish now
Now of this would be true
Cause I really miss you moma
Oow I really do

Uf you still have your moma
You better tell her you love her
Cause Once she's gone
She's all gone
(repeat twice)

I know I'm the man
And It's becside of you
Doing something with my life
Is at least I could do

Dad don't think I'm crazyWhen you hear what i say
When you hear whT sy
You're still alright to me
You're still ok

It hurt me so bad
To see her go away
I couldn't do nothing about it
To try to help her stay

I get tired os smiling
When I want to cry
I'm so lost without you
This I can't deny

When I was a young man
Young and confused
You did everything
To keep me from being abused

You were my single mother
And at times you felt bad
I tried to make you feel proud
You was all I had

If you still have your mothe4r
You better tell her you love her
Cause once she's gone
You're onna fell al alone
(repeat and Adlib until end)


Life without Mother
Treat me bad
Thank you JEHOVA
I'm yours
What can I do
Don't be mad at me
Dear Love
Still waiting
Death by Heartbreak

Set List

Treat me bad (Live) Aprox. 9 Minutes
Still Waiting (Live) Aprox. 12 Minutes
Life without mother (Live) Aprox. 16 minutes