This music is Americana. I am an American singer/songwriter who has been shuffled around a bit. I play American roots music that is searching for my American roots. A music divided between the mountains and the bricks. An energized strand of folk music: Gutterfolk.


Stevie Lee writes the songs of the troubled gutter kids, kids still strung enough to love. He is in fact attempting to follow his own roots, the roots of an often gnarled and confusing family tree, back to Lee Combs (great grandfather, coal miner) who is said to have blessed Stevie with his musical ability. The music is Americana. The songs attempt to distill the ocean that is American experience into cohesive, thought-provoking songs that rely on the basics of blues/folk/rock. Stevie often performs solo acoustic with harmonica, but prefers the fuller sound of a rhythm section to accompany his tunes. His band has a dynamic range that can perform folk ballads to bombastic blues/rock (with copious covers) . Matt, bassist/producer/audio engineer, offers a diverse bottom end that can be funky, driving or laid back. Andy, drummer/teacher, is always solid and sensitive to the needs of the singer/song. Together we comprise the basis of what is bound to become, with luck of god and sonic bids, an elite sub-genre of American music: Gutterfolk.



Written By: Stevie Lee Combs

I woke up limping
but I go to sleep tripping
It makes me hate your game

swearing by the bible like a witness at the trial
keep your story straight

ended up in Reno J.W. had a c-note just to raise the stakes

Ch: Now I'm out here riding blind
on this road it's so hard to ride
If you see me in the night
won't you please just walk on by
won't you just walk on by...

I like to take my time another minute and a mile
would you like to stay

walking on the bricks sick looking like a stick kid with my shoes all taped
a dolla' a day I don't wanna work my life away ... I wanna play let's go tripping today

Chorus, solo, then repeat chorus 1X

The Aching Limits of Highway Travel

Written By: Stevie Lee Combs

baby i been rolled and i been smoked
pushed to the limits aching on this road
baby i been born i been dead
i been pushed all over the city

baby i been free and i been down
i'm out running but i ain't out running 'round
baby i been seen i been heard
i been kicked all the way to the curves
tonight...don't ya feel all right
don't ya feel all right

It's 'bout them dollars baby
It's 'bout them dollars girl
benjamin franklin they spend 'em
all over the world
baby you're so pure baby you're so pure
i wanna get in the gutter with you
tonight...tonight you come crawling back we ain't gonna take a nap
baby we gonna shine
move me one more time


EP- Six on the Bricks
Three songs from EP are currently on

Set List

Set List draws upon personal catalog of twenty-five or thirty original songs interspersed with classic American covers. Songs, without solo's/intro's et cetera, range in length from two and half to six minutes. I, and the band, can also play tasteful solos/arrangements that add to the live experience. Set lengths vary form 45 minutes to 90 minutes (shorter and longer possible). We are, currently capable of doing about two 60 minutes sets.