Stevie Starlight

Stevie Starlight


Hendrix meets Bowie meets Zeppelin!


Emerging from the godly ashes of Hendrix, Bowie, and Zeppelin, STEVIE STARLIGHT is igniting the flame for classic rock! Arguably one of the best guitarist anyone has ever seen, Stevie's music and lyrics speak wisdoms to the mind, body, and soul of his fans. The power three piece, projects not only an abundance of catchy hits, ripping solos, and power ballads, but also a never ending energy on stage.
Keep your eye open for this band, they are a glorious creation!

"Once every short while an amazing artist comes along who not only personifies the words "great, talented and explosive", but also embodies ALL the skills to pull it off!! Stevie Starlight is THAT artist. In an era severly lacking for TRUE rock stars Stevie is an island unto himself!!"
- Anglehouse Studio

"Inspired by the classic influences of rock from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, Stevie Starlight mixes classic rock with a fresh new sound of power and energy unmatched. Its sex, power, and psychedelics mixed together to bring a much-needed sound to today’s rock and roll. One of the best live bands coming out of Los Angeles today."
- Andrew Jacobson of Arbor Snowboards and Skateboards

“Stevie Starlight is one of the most talented unsigned artists I have had the opportunity to work with, and see perform. He seems to have an endless supply of top rate original songs.”
-Kevin Bosley Chief recording engineer at the Document Room

“Stevie Starlight always brings a great crowed.
Our sales are greatly increased on nights his band plays. The band plays long and hard. They never seem to run out of original songs. I have a feeling they would play until the sun comes up if I would let them.”
-Hans Tiederman owner of the Venice Beach Whaler


"Stevie Starlight" 2007
"Save Tomorrow" 2008
"Time is No Stranger" 2009

Set List

We can play all night! We have over 4 hours of ORIGINAL HITZ!