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Stewart Hall

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Psychedelic garage space punk


I was born 5th may 1975 and grew up in Maryborough central victoria. I was influenced at a young age by my dad's rock'n'roll records. I was given a crappy strat copy at age 14 and when I taught myself to play Led Zeppelin's Heartbreaker it just snowballed from there. I am a self taught musician and songwriter. I studied audio engineering at JMC academy and have assembled a nice project studio at home. I write, produce, engineer and play all the instruments on my tracks. I have played in a few bands over the years spanning genres from grincore to bluesy roots, but generally prefer the studio environment and songwriting process. In my spare time I work as an A V tech at the Melbourne convention centre. I can also guzzle cognac and smash hotel rooms if thats what you want....



Written By: Stewart Hall

I know I'm here, I have arrived
White powder mountains in the sky
flashing colors all around
my feet don't even touch the ground

flying high up in the air
rainbows shining everywhere
the sea is god, the sea is love
and I'm surfing waves of blood

I just don't know what it all means
the south pacific ocean breeze
I feel as if I'm in a dream
Sounds unheard and sights unseen

The orange sun bright in my eyes
I know that I've found paradise
The sea is god. the sea is love
And I'm surfing waves of blood

fender vs casio space battle theme

Written By: Stewart Hall



several demos