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"BWI (formerly The Soundmen)"

BWI (formerly The Soundmen) We Make Sound… (Independent)

Just before writing this review, I found out that The Soundmen had officially changed their name to BWI. Throughout this review I will refer to them by their new moniker, just keep in mind that if you are looking for this CD, the artist is listed as The Soundmen.

The members of BWI prides themselves on the fact that they were influenced by many different styles of music and that these various styles have helped to form their own sound. This sound is best displayed at one of the many live shows BWI plays around Baltimore and throughout the East Coast. Unfortunately, as with many bands that are at their best in a live performance environment, their album does not fully do justice to their true sound. While there is no doubt that the members of BWI are good musicians, they almost seem to be held back and hindered by the recording process.

On their debut CD, We Make Sound..., BWI presents a solid yet lackluster representation of what they are all about. With songs ranging from catchy pop to metal, the boys in BWI do show that they are capable of mastering many different styles. The trio, consisting of Peter “Mike” Mitchell on lead vocals and guitar, Jacob “The Butt” Ehmann on bass guitar and vocals and Cheech Barry on drums and vocals, covers a lot of musical ground in a short period of time but never seems to reach the level you expect after hearing them perform live.

Some of the better moments on We Make Sound… are the ones influenced most heavily by reggae, funk and other styles outside of mainstream modern rock. Much like the band 311, BWI incorporates the reggae sound and feel into the track “Forever My Love,” resulting in a rock song with a little different edge to it.

Funk is very influential on the track “Instra.” While this standout instrumental cut does not feature the horns or booming bass associated with the funk genre, the great guitar work is clearly emulating the funk style in a way similar to its influence on the early work of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

While I may not be a big fan of We Make Sound… as an album, I do respect BWI as a group of talented musicians. What the CD lacks in energy and expression is more than made up for at a live performance by the band. To learn about the real BWI just check out one of their many local live shows, you won’t be disappointed. -Greg Yost
- Music Monthly (Greg Yost)


UPDATE: New music is now up on the site. Cd Holding Pattern is at the end stages of mixing. Mid Nov release predicted. The song Green is just a teaser of whats to come. Keep your ears WIDE OPEN cause you dont want to mis this!


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started on the eastern shore in 2000. They toured up and down the east coast from South Carolina to New York. Sometimes doing over two hundred twenty shows a year.

From the begining BWI has been on every musicians quest to touch as many peoples lives as they can with there music.

Now Progressing to new levels BWI has made some serious changes for the better and has really made a mark for themselves in the music industry. Their Natural talent on stage has moved them into a class of their own. With amazing showmanship and raw talent BWI displays a level of versatility that very few can replicate. Mike Nichols on lead guitar and vocals knows how to keep the energy high and belt out some of the hottest new original sounds around. Jacob Ehmann on bass guitar and back vocals is one of kind and keeps your chest vibrating with his low end theory. Cheech Barry on Drums and back vocals locks you in, fuels the fire and keeps the train rolling! This trio really takes you on a ride of high energy fun music. And you can count on multiple genre vibes. Listen hard and Enjoy the Ride!

UPDATE: They are now four! bWi has added a fourth. His name is Spencer Wolff. The missing link has been found. Which has made the music explode to a new level.