Stewed Tomatoes

Stewed Tomatoes


The Pixies and The Sex Pistols had a baby and it's Stewed Tomatoes. The incredibly psychedelic, all female, Indie, Pop, Punk, Sex, Funk, Rock Phenomena. 3 Hot Punk Chicks, who rock hard with guitars from the Devil and voices from the angels. A fun experience for ALL the senses.


"One song leads you into a surreal daze, and the next could have a frat boy high fiving his buddies while still keeping the attention of the folk chick in the corner!" - Mp3 Reviews - Jim Though

Studiophiles by nature, Stewed Tomatoes is also known for incredible live performances. As a POWER-trio they deliver a combination of gutsy, ambient guitars, riff driven bass lines and hard kickin' drums. Paired with tough and deliciously sexy vocals, this band is a total package that pleases any crowd every time.

Seasoned musicians, these girls have toured Nationally, spreading TOMATO MANIA from Las Vegas to New York, extensively throughout the Midwest, and virtually every rock venue in Chicago, including the more prestigious clubs like The Metro,
The Doubledoor, Halsted Market Days, Navy Pier, Hard Rock Cafe, and the Congress Theater. Their hilarious banter outrageous hijinx, and cool stage presence always guarantees a really fun show and highly entertaining experience.

Often compared to great bands like Garbage, Jefferson Airplane, Concrete Blonde, Pink Floyd, My Life With The Thrill Kill Cult, Eurythmics, and Radiohead, these homegrown bitches Roll their own brand of Rock, and it's a hit with music lovers of any era.


Leather Daddy

Written By: Stewed Tomatoes

I want to be your Leather Daddy
I want to pump you all night long
I got a hairy belly baby
I got a boot where your tongue belongs

Hey hey hey
Put on the chains don't be resistant
by day I'm a dental assistant

I know I seem like an innocent baby
Get a surprise behind closed doors
I got cinnamon panties baby
and tonight you'll be screaming for more

Hey hey hey
Heat up the wax and start to burn me
by day I'm a district attorney

I want to be your sex slave baby
on all fours where I belong
I got a leather collar baby
I got a tongue where your boot belongs

Hey hey hey
Put on the chains and start to hurt her
by day I'm a social worker

iF U see Kay

Written By: Stewed Tomatoes

If you see Kay
tell her I love her
Hell I see see Kay
keeping her happy
Yes you see Kay
Rocking the delta
with some sweet old wine


LPs and EPs:

Too Tough to Die
(featuring "Leather Daddy")

Alive and Well


Dancefloor Battlescars




Leather Daddy

Smoke My Cowboy

Compilations and Sound Tracks:

I Came To Play

First Wave
(Sci-Fi Channel Sound Track)

Herman Munster

High Risk

KB Benefit CD

Set List

Stewed Tomatoes can handle ANY set, from a quicky 15 min. to the average 45 min. or all night long. Crowds love their originals and are amazed by their occasional revamped cover. The girls have even been known to do a KISS tribute, complete with full makeup spiked boots and all.