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From the suburbs of Pickering, an alternative rock band named STFA arouse from the plazas and 24 hour diners.

The band formed while attending (or not attending) high school at St Mary in Pickering.

James Haslam comes from a home filled with music, a father who plays a variety of instruments and is known to have the voice of an angel. It was from this angel that James is said to have acquired his ability to sing you into hypnosis and then wake you up by shooting hot loads of air onto your face with the intensity of a cannon.

Alex Carlevaris grew up exposed to wide varieties of music. It has been said his ability to compose and create sounds with his guitar have come from years of worshiping satan and other satan like figures. None of this has been proven.

Niall Stocking, a man of the land. Grew up on a ranch in Uxbridge. As the youngest of a large and artistically touched family. Niall excelled at bass. A bass which he bought with money made building fences, and farming. It is a known fact that every strike of Niall's bass shakes the ground with power, rhythm and soul.

Mark Henein, was a classically trained pianist from the age of 4 and continued to pursue music into high school. He first began playing the drums for the high school concert band. It wasn't long before Mark had graduated from the school band to the school of rock. Where he turned his classical training into an intense and dynamic drum style.

Throughout high school STFA played many shows at a variety of venues including The Opera House, The Kathedral, and The El Mocambo in Toronto and of course The Dungeon in Oshawa. Alongside these larger venue shows, STFA co headlined several wildly successful Pickering shows, built by the hands of 16 year olds that held hundreds of people.

By 2007 each of the members had to take a temporary hiatus from the band to pursue their educational needs. During this time they each played in a variety of other bands separately and continued to develop their skills.

In 2010 STFA briefly returned to the scene playing several successful charity shows in Pickering, at The Fox and Fiddle Mansion in Pickering.

It was after those shows STFA began writing new material and playing it at a new line up of Toronto shows at The El Mocambo, The Mod Club, The Velvet Underground, and the Atria in Oshawa.

After a successful response from the new material. STFA began recording and in the summer of 2012 STFA released their first demo song entitled "Welcome to the Thunderdome". (listen here -->

STFA is currently preparing to record a whole new line up of songs.