Something To Fight For

Something To Fight For


Something To Fight For is a high energy band out of DE whose original style and show are to reckoned with. Their Rock sound still holds its Punk edge, boasting anthems that you're sure to be singing the next day. STFF can guarantee you that you will not leave their show unchanged. Thats a promise.


Driving through the heart of South Carolina, the sunset was a time of contemplation. Five young men in a van with the side door open driving in silence, cypress swamp as far as the eye could see. They knew what they wanted... to be no where else but here. Alone and miles from home they realized that their hard work was paying off, but it was still going to take a lot more to get them to where they want to be. Without fear or hesitation they continue to press on ... Determination is what the five guys that make up Something To Fight For are all about. Something To Fight For is a band bred out of defeat and born from the ashes of pervious bands. Determined to set aside the guidelines set by the music scene today. Something To Fight For has pressed into the unknown, creating a unique style they can only call their own. Their music and lyrics, written out of struggle and life experience, have the ability to immediately connect with the listeners thoughts and emotions. In a matter of a year after forming, the band has released two E.P.’s and toured the entire East Coast, building a dedicated fan base from Maine to Florida and over to the Mid-West. This fan base grows with no signs of slowing. With the help of their manager, Dave Lovett of Rocker Booking, and a dedication to the music and fans, Something To Fight For has truly left a mark on the music scene that will not fade. Like the guys drove towards the sunset to their next show they will continue to drive towards their goals. With no intentions of stopping until they achieve their goals, they have dedicated themselves to hard work and pushing their boundaries. So be on the look out for the five young men in a white van and trailer coming to a town near you.


"The Struggle"(Full Length) - Scheduled to be released in the winter of 2005/2006 on Tried By Fire Records

"STFF LIVE"(DVD) - Released 2005

"Do You Kiss Your Mother With That Mouth"(E.P.) - Released 2005 - All 5 tracks on this E.P. has had radio play on the East Coast.

"Walk Away Like It Never Was"(E.P.) - Released 2004

Set List

Set list length upon request.
All Original Material.

Set List (ex.) (30min)

Lies and Lullabies
Down and Out
1 Tbs. of Hysteria
Shut Up and Listen
Louder Screams the Boy
I Don't Have to Think Twice, I'm Gonna Jump