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Good music for the Ears,vision and soul Hip-Hop!


S.T. is not your usual rapper (in these times) being dedicated to selling albums on his own is the objective selling real hip hop and displaying loyalty to the game is the only way to move. Growing up around a predominantly hip hop background in which quality music was the only way and music had a message S.T. learned the concept of a quality ear. His self titled album “fitted hats” is a reflection of his music he rocks heads metaphorically speaking that insinuating that his music is strictly hip hop. You see the problem with today in hip hop is there are no lyrics, no message, and no delivery. Something very true with today’s artist being concerned with what the trends are which happens to be club music it seems it seems a lot of artist are recycling flows and coasting through studio sessions without any real album guidance. I’ll take his word for it with flows spit from east to west all the way out to Belize S.T. has surely heard his fair share of regurgitated rap from a lot of different mouths. Having his sound heard from so many places has enabled S.T. the upper hand in perfecting his craft having a lot of different perspectives view his music and shad some light from a different angle. One of S.T goals is to redirect hip hop and steer rap in a positive light. “Being positive is the only way I know how, that helped me deal with all the snakes in the business.” Eventually with the help of music S.T. plans on taking things corporate with that said hell never quite his love for writing lyrics and spiting hot 16 for anxious hip hop heads across the globe because according to him “it’s Outworld or nothing.”


Block to block is the single and complete is the 2nd single that can be bought @ www.stfitted.com
Videos are up for both singles.

Set List

I do 4 th 5 songs but can do more if asked 15min to 2hr sets