St. George Eleven

St. George Eleven

 Tempe, Arizona, USA

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Written By: St. George Eleven

Lyrics by Marcus Terrell Smith
Music by Robin Schafer

Verse I
Butterflies risin’ inside of me
Inspite of these darker times, their wings beat happily
I’ve been turned by the rollin’ rock, I confess
So I only keep walls of stone around my chest…

My spring and summer’s doomed to fall
And winter harkens one and all
Take away my life
So all alone this lonely lover cries.
Give me a…

Honeymoon with a sugarsun
I want a distance, I don’t have to run
Honey moon with a sugarsun
Carry me on/carried away by the crystal clear waves of the ocean.

Verse II
Better bodies need runnin’, the heart to race
Bigger lungs need a gust of bold, broken breeze a little taste
Of those cigarettes lovers puff,
Cause that second hand is not enough
Kick up the buzz and turn the skin a blush,
Dilate eyes and make the blood a rush



Clever are those crooked cats
Who steal away the sweetest catch,
But now we found our own
In the place the mighty lover roams.

If our time does come to pass
And that next breath is the last
I’ll say you were my best
Now I can dream away in happiness.