S tha Mogul

S tha Mogul

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A hard mix of thought provoking lyrics and hot dance able music.


From the projects of the South Bronx S tha Mogulhas come in this game with a purpose. "Its a lot of nonsense out there nowadays, its all about having a catchy hook and saying a whole bunch of nothing in the verses. My plan is to bring back the lyrics, fun and the substance in hip hop." S has come with his 'A' Game on many occasions. A former host of 2 successful Open Mic Showcases and C.E.O. of up and coming Indie label 'Royaltee Entertainment'. He has went through the lost of his brother Nasty Nate and continued to follow his heart with his brother light guiding him. "Nate was my love, he had 1000% into his music and without him I don't think that I would be doing this now" His death in December 2004 was a shock and took sometime for S to recover. Nasty Nate's gift was his ability to have everyone feel him. He was a great beat maker and an up and coming songwriter "Hip Hop was only the beginning for him, he had Ne-Yo songwriting abilities" S tha Mogul is among the new genoration of MC's that can captivate a crowd and keep them begging for more he's recorded thousands of songs and performed all over the Tri-State area.


What They Been Askin' For - 2005
Larger Than Life - 2006
Go Large Or Go Home - 2006
Mogul Mixtape Vol. 1 - 2007
Best Shape Of My Career - 2007
Mogul Remixes Vol. 1 - 2007
All You Need Is S - 2007

Set List

Hater Hand Up, Yippee Yum, Where I'm From, She Was A Model, Till Nothings Left