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"Steve Fest '07 Review"

Steve Thompson played 10+ tracks with an even mix of Allusions and the as yet unreleased NoVa. Steve was also joined by friends Dave Trinh on Saxophone and Tony Regola on Bass, each of whom added their own piece to the first ever Live ST performance. Steve did not disappoint those on hand, the acoustic set had genuine fidelity to CDs. It was a great performance which one day after he's made it, he'll think about those humble beginnings in Uniontown, PA.

Set List: (User Rating)
Power Lines -- (4.5/5)
Swan Song -- (4/5)
NoVa -- (3.5/5)
Ishmael's Axe (4/5)
Realization / T&O -- (3.5/5)
Thoughts Assemble -- (4.5/5)
Badge -- (3.5/5)
Allusions To A God -- (5/5)
----- Encore ----
Crazy -- (4/5)
I Know -- (4.5/5) - Duane13 (Last.FM User)

""Score" Review"

Steve Thompson has released his intriguing alternative album Score which peaked on Amazon at number 13 in the electronica charts. With influences of The Beatles, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, The Flaming Lips, and Fugazi, Steve manages to channel his energies in a unique mind blending and note blending way to express himself through his music. An extremely talented individual who is able to turn music into an audio canvas for your ears to see, with songs as Wasteland and Score.
Extracting the instrumental audio canvas and combining it with blatantly honest sounding vocals and introspective lyrics, Steve produces some spine chilling songs such as Decay, You, Again, Divided, Down and Ontological. The tune Home is a poppin' track, it grooves out with clever lyrics and will have you dancing! Love this track!
"All the lies and truths in the world, are alive and begin to unfurl" - Home
The track Numbers has a darker feel to it, also a track I can deeply relate to as I did contemplate on getting all the numbers I needed from the banks, travel agent and the government to go to America for my holiday tattooed on my hand! Whatever happened to the good ole 4 digit pin that gave you access to all your information and money! Now we need a pin number, username and a password just for one account!!!
"People live their lives based off Numbers, Numbers they don't even know the real meaning of." - Numbers
The highlights for me on Score were the tunes Numbers, Again, Home, Ontological, Wasteland, Decay and You. Score is available on Amazon, so log into Amazon with your username and password and give 'em your Numbers and get your copy of Score now it is worth it! - PunkGlobe

"Concert remembers Boswell man"

Concert remembers Boswell man
Daily American Correspondent
Friday, November 28, 2008 9:48 PM EST

BOSWELL — Musicians from across western Pennsylvania gathered at American Legion Post 461 Wednesday to play a charity event in memory of Hank Lasky, a 25-year-old Boswell man who died in a car accident last November.

Last year’s event raised $3,000 for Lasky’s family, event organizer and musician Jeff Perigo said. This year’s proceeds will go to the Helping Hands Food Pantry in Boswell, North Star High School’s golf team and North Star Youth Outreach, which is a summer camp for high-school-age kids.

“I’m hoping to raise a lot of money and to see all my friends, but this is also a good way to promote the local bands of the area,” he said.

Perigo’s father, Post 461 Vice Commander Joe Perigo, said the Legion is happy to donate the space for the event.

“I think it’s a great thing,” Joe Perigo said.

The event featured five acts, including Jody Perigo, a ukulele soloist, Jeff Perigo and friends, Even Steven, a pianist, The Wheels and The Steve Thompson Band.

Steve Thompson, lead guitarist and song writer for The Steve Thompson Band, said he traveled from Uniontown to participate and was excited at the prospect of playing in the show.

“To be honest, first the prospect of playing gigs excites me and the opportunity to play a benefit show is always good,” Thompson said. “It’s a good way to get money for the community and let local acts showcase themselves.”

Bassist Tony Regola, of Greensburg, said he was happy to play in the event as well.

“It’s always nice to do something for a good cause,” Regola said. “It’s something extra.”

Wheels guitarist T.J. Connolly, a Pittsburgh resident, said the band travels to Johnstown and Somerset often to play shows and it was nice to come back to the area.

“It’s good to play a show like this, especially around the holiday,” Connolly said.

Bandmate Jake Breiding said he played at the benefit last year and thought everyone was very friendly.

“It’s a nice place and a nice atmosphere,” Breiding said.

Mark Ridilla, a hunting partner and friend of Hank Lasky, said he thinks the event is great.

“I think this is a wonderful thing,” Ridilla said. “Hank was a sportsman and all his friends are showing up; he was like a son to me.”

A 2000 North Star High School graduate, Lasky died after his car struck a tree in Wilmington, N.C., on Nov. 16, 2007. He was living in Myrtle Beach, S.C., at the time. - Somerset Daily American


The Enigmatic Standard (EP)
Allusions To A God
Blanket Statement (EP)
Blanket Statement II (EP)
Steve Thompson is Live (EP)



Steve Thompson is poised to release his second album Score this spring. The album is the first of three planned full-length records to be released in the 2009 calendar year. While Allusions To A God featured personal lyrics and psychedelic sonic textures, Score finds Thompson exploring the realm of electronic music with lyrics dealing more with the world at large and everyday perceptions of reality. Score showcases Thompson's growth as a songwriter and musician as he weaves a sonic landscape with each of the album's ten tracks.

Wasteland, the instrumental opener, paints a bleak picture with the use of mechanical drum machine beats and guitar feedback. As the album progresses, Thompson utilizes many electronic sounds while still retaining his signature style of songwriting. Numbers features three dissonant acoustic guitar parts and lyrics dealing with the unpredictable nature of life. The album features several full-blown electronic tracks such as the dance-inspired Home and the delay-heavy synth-driven Again. Down, the first single lifted from the record, travels the spectrum from piano-driven rock to an all out psychedelic/industrial crossover.

While Score marks an important milestone for Thompson, it is simply the beginning of an exciting year of releases. The next album is planned for release in the fall followed by the last of the 2009 trilogy at the tail end of the year.

Live, Steve Thompson is joined by Stephen Peck (ex-Zao) on drums, Dave Trinh (ex-States of Melba) on tenor saxophone and second guitar, and Tony Regola on electric bass. This line-up plays and rehearses regularly bringing an exciting sound to each venue they play.