stick figure drawings

stick figure drawings


this is the music that matters, the songs made by working class people about the day to day struggles of love and life and staying afloat, Keep there songbook close and sing aloud.


when max and sarah met at a show in early 2008 neither one of them knew what would come of it. they spoke about writing music. Sarah wrote words and never knew what to do with them ,and max wrote all the time, but never with anyone. They met in the early spring and quickly wrote and recorded several songs. The two had only been together a couple weeks so it was fitting to name the first demo "two weeks in"
Assembled at kinko's using kinko's bags, these few demos were given out at cincypunk fest 7. The second night of the fest was also important for the group; It was the debut of the sticks live show as well as the first time sarah had sang in front of her peers. With two voices and a acoustic guitar,it went off without a hitch.
Even this early people were commenting on how well the two voices blend. Max with a weathered tone well beyond his years and sarah with a clear pristine vocal and love for striking harmonies wrote songs showcasing just that. Simple songs caught the attention of southgate house in newport , Kentucky. The group was then asked to become the artist in residency for the month of may, playing every wednesday of the month.
Sarah began playing keys in april and max switched to electric guitar. Both max and sarah are also in a band called Alone at 3am and would practice sticks music before the rest of the band would arrive. On one evening the drummer Tim Colina showed up a bit early and started playing along. Instantly they knew that was how it had to be. Tim was then added to the band.
All spring and then summer was filled with tons of shows. They often joked on stage that they had more shows than practices. Since then they have released a E.P. titled "first wind" and shared the stage with local and national acts such as -Cory Branan,Missy Higgins,Paleface,Austin Lucas,Tim Barry,Ninja gun.
In February of 2009, they found the last thing they were missing. Sticks often played with a group called Wonky tonk. They weren't really looking for a bass player, it just worked. Founding member of wonky tonk, Jasmine Poole, was added to the band.

They are currently working on the finishing touches on the yet to be named album. It will be there debut full length and recorded at Candyland studio.


e.p. "first wind"
full length " "

Set List

blacktop cracks
broken in
my guitar
playing shows
waiting in the dark