Stick Figures

Stick Figures

 Groningen, Groningen, NLD

Music From The Heart!


We started out a few years ago as friends jamming and doing a gig every now and then, and now we've evolved into an band writing our own material. We're all inspired by a lot of different artists, so when we come together, strange things tend to come out. We try none the less to write music that lots of people can relate to, music that can reach the masses. With are rock/funk/acoustic pop influences we try to be a versatile band, we try to keep evolving. We recently recorded the first part of our "Stick Figures EP", to which we want to add a few more songs in the very near future.


Stick Figures EP:
1. To The East
2. Here She Goes Again
3. Covered In Gold
3. Keeps Me Alive

Set List

1. To the east
2. Here She Goes Again
3. Covered In Gold
4. Keeps Me Alive.
5. Epic
6. Revolution part III
7. This Fight
8. Summer
9. The City Is Burning
10. Drink My Wine
11. Do You Know Anyone
12. At Night
13. Travelling At Dawn