New York City, New York, USA

Sticklips is the experimental folk project of songwriter Johanna Warren, whose haunting melodies and finger picking are shrouded in a forest of eclectic sounds by a band inspired by acid pop, Nigerian High Life, and noise. The result is a listening experience that is at once familiar and bizarre.


The musical musings of Sticklips have been likened to “a bunny with cyborg implants.” The cute, herbivorous piece of the equation is 23-year-old singer/ songwriter/ multi-instrumentalist Johanna Warren, whose haunting voice, exquisite lyrics and adept finger picking are adorned with unexpected touches of electric guitars, synthesizers, and electronic noise by a shifting arrangement of talented musicians with eclectic influences.

With mysterious soundscapes and tasteful hints of psychedelia, Sticklips excels at creating an atmosphere that is at once spine-chilling and uncannily pretty, an intoxicating combination that draws the listener in, entranced.

Sticklips' 2009 debut, "It is Like a Horse. It is Not Like Two Foxes" was recorded over the course of a year, mostly in a bedroom in New Jersey. They are currently recording a second full-length album, set for release in Summer 2012.


"Among the very best things I heard in 2009."- Rick Moody (author of Garden State and The Ice Storm).
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"A breath of fresh air... [Sticklips'] music, which defies modern categorization, is a blend of organic acoustic sounds and free-wheeling electronics that somehow come together in something that can only be called a dynamic equilibrium." - Akie Bermiss, The Busy Signal

"With sounds of fingers sliding up and down acoustic guitars, crystalline vocals and blatantly strange electronic interjections, Sticklips’ tunes leave listeners curious as hell." -Lauren Piper, The Deli Magazine.

"There is some instrumental talent here that should be noted by serious music fans." -Indie Update


"It Is Like A Horse. It Is Not Like Two Foxes." LP, 2009
"Where Were" and "Lullaby." Digital singles, 2012.

Set List

Our sets change for every performance, but always feature the songs on our debut album. The sets typically last 1 hour. We occasionally do 1 - 2 covers, which range from My Bloody Valentine, to an unusually re-arranged version of a Motown classic.