Stick Martin Show

Stick Martin Show

 Clearwater, Florida, USA

We're a punk rock funky hip hop group who specialize in rockabilly and blues. Our goal is to be the best band on the planet. Music is all that matters to us.


The Stick Martin Show formed on the 28th day of the eleventh month, in the year 2003 AD, aahhhh yes in the sunny state of Florida.Three transplanted musically proficient nomads met through tones unknown.

Mr. Stick Martin will ignite your brain lava with his lyrical genious,
and he is sure to get you off your seat. This boy's from
Frogballs, Pennsyltucky and he knows how to knock your socks
on your ass. So look out!! Stick, fresh off the
L-train circuit in NYC, moved to FLA. Suitcase, Guitar,
and a BIG box of CDS in his hand. And then a miracle! He met 2 of the coolest, most awesome,kick ass musicians!

The Stick Martin Show is heavily influenced by bands like Ween, The Flaming Lips and the White Stripes, old blues men like Son House and Robert Johnson, hip hoppers like Public Enemy and De La Soul and singer songwriters like Lou Reed and Daniel Johnston and poppy shit like the Beach Boys


Officer Murphy (2000) early attempts at mashing hip hop and singer songwriter stuff. Lots of country mixed in too, for good measure

Black Samurai (2006) This album is the rocker, much heavier rock and more in your face style hip hop. (Or hippie hop, since it was more aimed at white kids.

Thrilla (2008) The hip hip masterpiece. Every song on this record has some kind of rapping in it. (Even the love songs) This is what Stick did with his life instead of having a job or kids or a wife.

Set List

Our set is ever changing. We have around 100 originals and 130 covers that we play.