Sticks In The Casino

Sticks In The Casino

 Berlin, Berlin, DEU

A bit of Doors and Pink Floyd here and a pinch of Zappa there
and some psychedelic ingredients as a cream topping et voilá
the unique recipe can be served on your ear-table.
This is living proof that the olde school is still valid.
No outlet music, no mass production, no fucking fashion shit.


In 2005 the founding members (Götz, Grosser, Heidrich, Tran) of Sticks In The Casino met each other at a local talent show in Thuringia. After that they were asked to perform John Miles “Music was my first love” (destiny?) together with the local youth
symphony orchestra at some city events. Afterwards they decided to keep on making music together under the name Resistant. All of them had the background of musical
education and shared a common taste in music (60’s, 70’s, rock’n’roll, progressive, blues, jazz, music of gdr-artists, etc.) They spend the next two years with writing songs,
gigging around in East Germany and producing a demo-cd, which included six rock songs mixed with some funky stuff. But the cultural status quo of their habitat forced them to move away and look for a city of adoption. What better place than Berlin?
Unfortunately bass player Jens Heidrich decided to remain to his family and left the band. The sticks - meanwhile bearing that name - moved to Berlin in order to augment their musical visions and professionalize their work. There they met Sebastian Arzet,
who substituted Heidrich thenceforth and Stephan Negele, who is responsible for the sound and noise design. In December 2009 they released their first CD, a 45 minutes long monumental instrumental concept album
called Walking With The King, a reminiscence to King Crimson.
In May 2010 the English singer and songwriter Sam Dale completed the band with his vocal skills, that makes you think of Tim Buckley and Jim Morrison.


EP "Morgeneul Magone" +++ jan. 2011
LP "Walking With The King" +++ dec. 2009