Sticky Digit

Sticky Digit


Sludge juggernaught, stoner rock riffage sweatty energetic original off-time signature sounds, pop sensabilities being smacked with golf shoe.


Long-time friends Edgar Bird and Eddie Murray spent their impressionable teens getting goosebumps listening to Seattle rock bands, jazz and the Mans Ruin back catalogue among other things. A few years later while also playing in other bands they jammed occasionally at their homes in Wexford on a handful of ideas Edgar had. Both impressed by what they were hearing Edgar (vocals, guitar) sent a cassette tape of ideas to Eddie (drums) in 2002 who at the time was based in Limerick. This handful of ideas quickly became songs and they decided to form a band called Sticky Digit which suggests (among other things) the anonymous interfaced digital (internet) reality we are all susceptible to. The band playing their first gig in 2003 with Tony Sheridan on bass at a Limerick house party. Scrappy home recordings and demos changed hands, melting heads and hearts along with regular gigging around county Wexford and Cork. More ideas became songs, Brian Colfer began playing bass and the band extended their live sound to Kilkenny and Dublin. Fusing annoyingly catchy hooks and odd-time signatures with a crushing heaviosity they drew comparisons to Queens of the Stone Age, Soundgarden, Mudhoney and The Melvins. Friend John Kelly was added to the group in early 2006 for increased chug and guitar fuzz. This summer the band began recording five songs for their first proper release and welcomed new bassist and old acquaintance Martin Codd on board the sludge juggernaut that is Sticky Digit.


Oxegenoestrogen split single
Self titled demo

Set List

Sewp Out,
Your Tree,
One 2 Three 4,
The Day the Cow went Woof,
On Your Own,
Bother's Me,