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The best kept secret in music



Band News [07-22-2003]


ORLANDO, FL -- Stiffff Kitties, recently signed to IceFire International Records of Vandor Motion Pictures, Phonorecords and Music Publishing Group (VMG World Wide - are booked to appear as part of the New York International Film and Video Festival ( at The Palms Casino Resort, 4321 Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, Nevada with shows in both the Brenden Theatre, Saturday July 26th, 4:30 PM, and Palapa Lounge, Monday July 28th, 10:40PM. The second show at the Lounge will be broadcast, live stream, on

Orlando, Florida based Stiffff Kitties(.com), the brain child of Diane Meinke, who also created the world’s most beloved ghoul, Sera de Morte, and pop-diva Dianne, currently has a total of fifteen current chart positions in Atlantic Satellite’s Top 2,500 Buyer’s Guide ( Stiffff Kitties with nine, Dianne with two, and Sera de Morte with four, all signed to IceFire International Records and distributed world wide by Vandor Motion Pictures. The Las Vegas appearances are the kick-off of a hectic schedule of touring and recording for the group. Times, dates and places will be posted on their website.

Tickets and information are available: Toll Free - 1-866-942-7777 - Toll Free Reservations - 1-866-942-7770 - Toll Free Group Reservations - 1-866-PALMS-MTG (725-6768) - Direct Line: (702) 942-7777 - Fax: (702) 942-7001 - Email:, and on line at The week-long Festival will feature acts from Italy, Canada, Switzerland, Australia and the United States performing virtually all genre’s of main stream and alternative music.

The Stiffff Kitties and Sera de Morte albums will be available at the venues and all major outlets including, keyword “Vandor”.
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"Top German Alternative Magazine"

Heft + CD
Im Heft enthalten sind Artikel von Type O Negative (5 Seiten), Wolfsheim, Lacrimosa (Teil 2), Schandmaul, Front 242, T.O.Y., Dulce Liquido, Interlace, Kartagon, Stiffff Kitties, Tectical Sekt, End Of Green, Murder At The Registry, Dronning Maud Land, Neon Dream, Casual, Avaritia und vielen mehr.

8 Farb-Postkarten und die umfangreichen "Creativen Pages" runden die Ausgabe ab.

- Gothic Magazine

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Welcome to The Evor --- Bands Links section..Electronic Music Links
... is a happy dance of bloody musical electrons colliding at high love you long time... STIFFFF KITTIES Goth Rock, Popular USA based Internationally charting Goth/Industrial/Trance/Dance/Rock ... - 23k - 2003-09-10 -

"Artist & CD REVIEW"

Darla Pittman, June 2003
This versatile album will pull you in from the first note and hold you spell-bound till its dramatic end.

The Stiffff Kitties are bringing goth music into a new realm of being. Tackling tough issues, the band is quickly becoming one of the most influential bands in the underground. With a fan base that spans the globe, music critics singing their praises, the band is stealthily working their way into the hearts of every-day people.

The Stiffff Kitties have been tearing their way up the music charts, taking the world by storm. Their long-awaited debut album, Mya’s Book of the Dead has finally arrived to enthusiastic accolades from music critics worldwide.

You’ll dance, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry. And you’ll come back again and again and again. When long ago someone said "let the music play", THIS is the album they had in mind. With its upbeat dance tracks, driving guitar licks and orchestral groove, you’ll be left with one thought…."when’s the next album coming out?". We highly suggest pressing the loop button on your cd player.

WARNING! : We highly advice clearing your living room floor before playing the album. Any casualties from dancing around cluttered floors will in no way be fault of the artist.



Sera de Morte' was interviewed along with five other present day influential artists by Novelist, Nancy Kilpatrick's for her recently released book entitled "Goth Bible, a compendium for the darkly inclined". The book is now available for sale at - St Martins Press


Band News [10-31-2003]


Vandor Music Group's Dianne Meinke, the creator of Sera de Morte' and STIFFFF KITTIES, both up for Grammys this year, will appear as a Special Guest at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival (, New York City's Madison Square Garden.

Australia's MTV host Shorty Brown, who will be MC for the gala on opening night, will present Dianne the Top Band Award which "STIFFFF KITTIES" won at the International Independent Film and Video Festival held in Las Vegas last July. Dianne was signed for her second album to Icefire International Records, Vandor Motion Pictures, Phonorecords and Music Publishing Group just prior to the event.

Grammy nominations for Sera De Morte include: Best Dance Recording, “Witches Dance” and Best New Artist: “Witches Dance”. Stifff Kitties has been nominated in three categories: Record Of The Year, “Bleed Me“; Best Alternative Music Album, “Mya's Book Of The Dead” and Album Of The Year “Mya's Book Of The Dead”.

The NYIMF is produced by promoter and singer Frankie Munoz, with Founder Stuart Alson, the Festival had its debut in Madison Square Garden in the spring of 2003.

NYIMF launches for the second time in New York on November 6th at 7pm and continues through a variety of premiere locations in NY, featuring top class performances of various musical genres, and will host a series of after-parties at some of New York's premiere venues, the Knitting Factory, China Club, Le Bar Bat and many more.

Both signed and unsigned talent from Europe, Asia, Canada, and the US (100 artists) will perform. Music styles include Gospel, R&B, Country, Rap, Rock, Pop, Jazz, etc. All the appearing artists have been selected by a team of industry professionals who will judge their performances. Winning acts will be offered various opportunities in the music industry. Members of the music press and representatives from major record labels will be in attendance.

Artists will have the opportunity to network with people from motion picture industries to get their music in film scores and soundtracks, and to promote their music for management and record deals. The Festival also boasts a series of seminars and discussions with industry speakers on vital elements of the music business. RSVP is required for all seminars and discussions.

General admission and VIP passes can be purchased from TicketWeb by calling 1(866) 468-7619 - Accreditation - press and media, as well as the entertainment industry for film and music can obtain all access Festival passes by faxing requests to Teresa Kononchuk at (702) 784-5112 on your company letterhead. Additional information, contact Renata Lorenc at (212) 777-7100 ext 13, and for the New York International Independent Music Festival, contact Teresa Kononchuk at (702) 858-4883.
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Label News [07-20-2003]


ORLANDO, FL -- Dianne Meinke, originator of alternative group Stiffff Kitties, has signed the Goth/Industrial/Trance/Dance group’s album "Mya's Book of the Dead" to IceFire International Records of Vandor Motion Pictures, Phonorecords and Music Publishing Group (VMG World Wide). It is the second album of the association, the first “Sera de Morte”, and other single releases under the title “Dianne” are also playing well in the world charts: Atlantic Marketing, Ltd., Top 2,500.

“Everybody wants the kind of contract VMG puts on the table,” Dianne stated in a telephone interview, “Own your masters, own your soul, own your career with the highest royalties in the business and world wide coverage. My music crosses every known spectrum this side of rap, and VMG encourages all of it. No limitations. Do your music within commercially acceptable parameters, in tune, on time, balance, radio friendly and all the crossover you can get. No more complicated than that. New ideas and style changes are supported across the board and VMG’s doors are always open.

“We did the Sera de Morte album, and hit every brick wall imaginable. If it could go wrong, it went wrong. And VMG was there, more than equal to the challenge, never letting me or the record down regardless. From contract complications to finite promotion, the VMG/Vandor people were there. With that kind of proven support, signing Stiffff Kitties to VMG was the easiest decision I’ve ever had to make in this business.”

Vandor founder and former Chief, General Bobby Farrell, said, “Finding the Diannes of the world is the hardest part. That’s why Vandor turns down well over ninety eight percent of all the deals and offers that come our way. Excellent talent isn’t really all that rare, but when you find a multi-talent with intelligence and integrity to match, you put the best deal in the industry on the table. Being that selective on the basis of sound business principals permits us to pay the highest mechanical royalties in recorded music, and no charge back or recoupables.

”We don’t have to buy radio air time to get play, and we don’t have to buy charts to get position. Grand hype is one thing, solid delivery is another. Either it’s in the groove or it isn’t, and Dianne’s obviously is! She’s an entertainer’s entertainer, and a welcome addition to our stable of ExP/Artists.”

IceFire International Records owner, D. Chylon Budagher, added, “Dianne is one of those women in entertainment with more to offer than an exposed navel, high cut skirt and a low cut top. She’s an accomplished multi-instrument musician, songwriter, arranger, singer, producer and a ball of fire on stage. And best of all, she’s down to earth, never ‘above’ her audience or fellows.”

Sera de Morte and Stiffff Kitties albums are available via all major outlets including



Internationally distributed & released by Vandor Motion Pictures & Music Publishing Group ( / Ice Fire International Records, STIFFFF KITTIES Debut CD "Mya's Book of the Dead" is available for sampling at the bands Official website, as well as their new animated video "Bleed Me" ( Both CD's are available for sale at &

Dianne D Meinke the creator of the Stiffff Kitties has 2 additional side projects released this year. and a total of 25 songs charting worldwide.

One step short of a miracle; along with Dianne's 25 songs charting Internationally; the material is also charting in over 7 different genres! From New age to adult contemporary, from jazz to pop, from industrial to alternative rock, plus more. All this and more WITHOUT the luxury of paid rotation.

A quote from Jim Rose (Internationally famous for his freak show) "I love the Stiffff kitties new release", "Sera has something that is definately on the cusp!!!". Sera de Morte', the vampiric like lead singer is a darkly dressed entity portrayed as a powerful creature with a soul.

10 out of 10 of her Internationally released singles on project entitled "Read my Mind", as artist "Dianne". ( Free Spirit, Read my Mind, A Cup of Love, I'll Wait Forever, Never Again, Blu Block Shades, No Doubts, Just say It, Tell Me, I Wanna Know, & It's Okay ) are also Charting World Wide.

2 crazy singles entitled "Elephant Fart" as entity "SLIMEREAPER", and a spoof on the "12 days of Christmas" under the entity the "STIFFFF KITTIES" Both tunes are also charting very well Internationally.

2-4-2005 The Stiffff Kitties debut release receives a GOLD record!


Feeling a bit camera shy


Dianne D. Meinke, the creator of the band the "Stiffff Kitties" received SIX Grammy Nominations for her 2 debut CD's released in 2003. The Stiffff Kitties debut CD "Mya's Book of the Dead" received 3 of the nominations. "Best Album of the Year", "Best Alternative Album of the Year", & "Best New Artist Record "Bleed Me". Her Sera de Morte' "Witches Dance" CD received 2 Grammy Nominations. "Best New Artist Record for Witches Dance, and Best New Dance for Witches Dance.

The STIFFFF KITTIES style is very unique, and has been compared to David Bowie, The Cure, Flying Lizards, & Gary Numan. The live show is entrancing, & theatrical with a mix of special effects, stage props, and erotic dancing.

The new CD's have been receiving World-Wide critical acclaim; as well as International airplay (see , 9 out of 10 of their songs are & have been charting Internationally.