Stiff Whisker and the Driftwood Kids

Stiff Whisker and the Driftwood Kids


We call ourselves "tribal acoustic folk funk". Taking bits and pieces from many different basic genres and blending them into our own. Our djembe adds a tribal feel and our violin adds a melancholic touch all it's own. Even more so than the music, our singers fill the room with pure vocal power.


Chris Ross and Matt Robinson formed the nucleus of the band around 5 years ago. Jamming together off stage and forming a tight musical friendship. Once adding two more members, Stiff Whisker and the Driftwood Kids was born. After playing a few small gigs in the Ellsworth area, they landed a job as hosts of open mic night at Parker's Bar and Grille in Ellsworth. There they would meet open mic regulars Gabe and Suzanne Wood, a newly married musical couple. Matt and Ross immediately noticed Suz's powerhouse vocals and Gabe's rhythmic acoustic accompaniment, and when things went sour with the other members of Stiff Whisker, they asked Suz and Gabe to join the band. Soon the gigs began piling up and the EP became a reality, instead of a rumor. A solid fan base wwas formed in the Downeast Maine area, and soon another open mic regular would be approached and asked to join "the family". This was Doug Empie, a transplant from Maryland, whos skill on the violin not only impressed the band, but fit right in as well. Now a five-piece, Stiff Whisker and the Driftwood Kids broadened their horizons with gigs at new venues, slowly stretching their grasp from downeast Maine to surrounding areas such as Bangor, Orono, and Wiscassett. The current lineup is as such: Ross on vocals and guitar, Matt plays djembe, Suz sings like an angel, Gibb plays bass and the occasional guitar track, and Doug fills the room with a heart-piercing violin. All members are friends first and a band second. They believe that goals cannot be attained through music alone, but by building a solid foundation which is a love for each other individually. That being said, they all love music as a mistress. One that can be cruel at times if things don't go as planned, but one that will always be there to keep their talent sharp and minds towards the future.


"The EP" - debut release, 6 songs, 2008
Various tracks played on local radio stations WERU 89.9FM Orland, ME, WKIT 100.3FM Bangor, ME, MPBN 90.9 Bangor/Portland, ME

Set List

We normally play three 10 to 15 song setlists, depending on venue and time allotted. We blend covers with originals, usually doing slower softer tunes in the beginning and vamping it up as the night goes on. Our second and third sets are very danceable. Originals: River Deep, Right Thing, Little Less Bitter, Grew Up Young, Look My Way, Demons of my Past, Too High to Fly, Went Down, Nowhere Road, Streets of Boston, Have you Heard, and more. Our covers include (but are not limited to) Tom Petty - Break Down, Last Dance with Mary Jane; Bonnie Raitt - Angel From Montgomery; Ray LaMontagne - Empty, Jolene, Hannah, How Come; Seven Mary Three - My My, Water's Edge, Cumbersome; Tonic - If You Could Only See; Bruce Springsteen - Atlantic City; Steppenwolf - Pusher; Patty Griffin - Oh Heavenly Day, Up to the Mountain; Gnarls Barkley - Crazy; Blackstreet - No Diggity; Fleetwood Mac - The Chain; Ben Harper - Burn One Down; Led Zepplin - Hey Hey What Can I do; Natalie Merchant - Carnival; Annie Len