Provo, Utah, USA

Out of the wasteland that is Utah rises a three pronged attack of pure rock with a smattering of blues and sly humor. Our unique fusion of rock and blues gives us an edge most bands never find. Forged from the desire for self expression and tempered by the disapproval of the local religion.


Jeremy - Guitar and Vocals.
An inventive song writter and lyricist. Jeremy is the driving force of the band. His influences are; R. L. Burnside, Dax Riggs, Kyuss, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and many other blues greats.

Dave - Bass.
A seasoned bassist is a good foundation for any band. His experience adds the right amount of punch and style to every song. His influences are; Tom Petty, Rush, The Doors, Yes, The Doobie Brothers, and many more old school bands.

Andrew - Drums.
A music major and percussion prodigy Andrew completes the band with timing and skill. A drummer that can play any style is essential. His influences are; Jazz, Blues, Rock and more.


Newly recorded demo disc. Self promoted and distributed.

Set List

Hey Brother Joe
Super Wet
Angry Dome
Rusty Sheriff Badge
Footsteps in the Attic
Chubby Chaser
Barbie Wants a Bone
Mormon Resurrection Blues
Ezekiel's Nasty House
Slug Thumper
Dancin' Jesus
Saturday Morning Leavin' on a Train Blues