The Stigmas

The Stigmas


Solid british-style rock and roll, fueled by crunchy guitar riffs and driving rhythm.


The Stigmas formed in late 2004 when Brady Bottoms and Andy Anderson decided to work on a small music project. Wanting to perform live, they acquired Chris Cheline on bass and Mark Stephenson on drums. In 2005 and 2006, they played over 35 shows in Denver, and releasing two EPs during that span. Both Cheline and Stephenson left the band due to personal obligations, and were replaced by Shaun Nelson on bass, and Mystery Guy on drums. In 2007, they released their new EP "Ni" and are planning a full tour in 2007 in effort to promote it.


A Sweeter Honey

Written By: Brady Bottoms

My heart is full on
jealousy and pride
Keeping up to stay alive
The words from my mouth
Are often said with doubt
But cannot be lived without
I'm a singer without a song
A thief who cannot steal
Too drunk to play along
So take control of the wheel
You deserve much more than this
Know I was wrong and I cannot take it back

The honey we create
Is too sour to taste
All the time that we waste
We're wrapped in this mistake
On our backs and wide awake
In this bed that we made
With every breath I'm older
I'm drawing the thinnest line
Appreciate you like a child
Never saw how much you shine
You deserve much more than this
Know I was wrong and I cannot take it back
You're worth much more than this
I was wrong and I cannot take it back

Like playing with a toy
Breath life to destroy
Built just to break down
Cut ourselves and bleed or
Create something sweeter
Let's burn this whole thing down

When you're heading toward the crash
Move on, on to the next one
When it isnt' built to last
Move on, on to the next one
Move on, move on


"The Stigmas" (self-titled EP) - 2004
"One" EP - 2006
"Ni" EP - 2007
- "A Sweeter Honey" from Ni was played on 93.3 KTCL.

Set List

Our setlist comprises of mostly 80-90% originals with 10-20% covers. Covers we currently play or have played:

"I Walk the Line" by Johnny Cash
"Bust a Move" by Young M.C.
"Feel Like Makin' Love" by Bad Company
"Baba O'Reilly" by The Who
"Paranoid" by Black Sabbath
"Roadhouse Blues" by The Doors
"Another Brick in the Wall" by Pink Floyd
"Banditos" by The Refreshments
"Time" by Pink Floyd