Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Southern-Euro-Industrial-Goth-MetalCore from Nashville Tennessee......what?!


Stigmatic formed in 2006 in Nashville, TN. Every member came together with the intention of bringing the "Big Production" feel of the artists we loved to a local level. We wanted not only to play heavy music, but also give the audience something to look at. Just like our influences Rob Zombie, Mushroomhead, Slipknot and many others have done in the past. Musically we learned from them as well as bands like In Flames, Lamb of God and Pantera.
In a town like Nashville, where there is a great musician on every street corner, we tried to carve out an image and sound that is exclusively our own and have had some great success with it. Not everyone agrees with what we do, but we are doing what we love, and what our heroes did before us.


2007- Demo (6 song)
2007- "Death" Atlanta HorrorFest Comp. CD
2008- "Shed My Skin" (Single-compilation cds)
2009- Music Video "Dawn of a New Day"
2010- Album "Animus"
2011- Single "Glass Angel"
2012- Single "Armageddon Outta Here!"
2013- Album in progress for Level Records

Set List

Our set lists can change up quite frequently depending of course on set times. Usually a half hour set is required.

Our Current Set List:
1. "I'm Your Huckleberry"
2. "The Hard Goodbye"
3. "Everyone Dies"
4. "Death is a New Beginning"
5. "Red Roses Bleed Black"
6. "Dawn of a New Day"
7. "Fear Hate Suffer Pain"