We are four guys who all love Rock'n'roll from all periods in its history and love mixing sounds from different decades to produce new and interesting twists on an old trade, be it Nu-metal with huge guitar solos to Blues Rock love songs.

Other Info

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The first and only CD to be fully produced and released was called War Cries of a Teenage Youth. Production costs were low because funds available were low. The CD itself was an embarrassment to the band in the afterhthought. A new, better sounding, more expensive CD is in the works to be released sometime in 2007 independently.

Set List

Our set list ranges from 5-10 songs depending on how many bands are in the show. We've played 15 minute gigs up to an hour and a half long gigs. Some of our songs are "industry standard" in length and others are well over 10 minutes in length. We try to avoid covers at all costs, though we are well known in the Indianapolis area for the one and only cover we do play, "Chicken Huntin" by the Insane Clown Posse.