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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Album review"

Stiletta (self-released)
Don’t be fooled. Beyond the thigh-highs and doe eyes beats the ardent, inked-up heart of classic punk rock. Like a coy
smile that accompanies a swift knee to the groin, Stiletta marries charm with fierce but fun-loving vitriol and fuses the
tried-and-true union of screamy vocals and fevered guitars while still achieving a kinetic freshness. This female trio’s fervor
paired with its admiration for influences like Sonic Youth and AC/DC makes for a blistering debut. “You may think that we are
young and/You may think that we won’t last long,” sneers the crackling opener, “Glass,” a shard-spitting sonic boom that paves
the way for the impetuous yet effervescently melodic riot that ensues. They may be young, but this frenzied first assault
suggests Stiletta has the potential to last as long as they’d damned well please. —KIMBERLY LAPHAM - SOMA Magazine

"Download of the Week:"

"Download of the Week: Oakland rock 'n' roll trio Stiletta recently released its self-titled debut album, channeling the old-school punk of the MC5 and the Ramones through tight skirts. Sample free MP3s of speaker- detonating tracks "Dirty Bomb" and "Bang Bang" at" –Aidin Vaziri - San Francisco Chronicle

""Why do I always fall for opening bands?"

"Why do I always fall for opening bands? I went to see the Lovemakers' predictable sexy rock-fest to discover the ultimate chick band. The Stiletta girls are adorable and scary at the same time. Scary because of their chaotic rock whipped up with powerful melodies.." - Pearl Necklace Zine

"a gang of unruly avant-garde exhibitionist pre-schoolers"

"a gang of unruly avant-garde exhibitionist pre-schoolers, who spend their time sucking back Marlboro Lights and listening to MC5 and The Cramps insted of sharing their toys like good girls should." - MicStandOnline


Stiletta (s/t) 2004


Feeling a bit camera shy


Influenced by old school punk, post-punk, classic rock, hardcore, psychedelic, garage and 50’s tunes, Stiletta creates a unique rock sound where melodic vocals quickly become enveloping harmonies. 50’s bass progressions are paired with screaming chords and strange guitar solos, a phenomenon the band calls “the heartbeat.”