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Band Hip Hop R&B


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2007 Candy Houze Mix Tape.
2008 Still A Savage The Album.
2009 The Definition Mix Tape.
2010 Still A Savage II The Definition



Rain Savage Was born in Camden New Jersey on December 16th 1981. On 1987 his mother moved to Dallas, Texas with a new company for work. From there Rain Savage began listening to Rap music in 1992. In 1994 he began remaking bone songs with a couple of school friends in Duncanville. They even filmed music videos. The first rap group he played a major role in was NTF a group of 6 members including J love, Lowrider, Killa K, J Rich, and others. Rain aka Nike, or Triax would then form a new group with killa K, and lowrider. the rap names changed to Rain, Eraser and Lo'Key. and they were known as Lyrically Dangerous Crew. after a few years Lo'Key and Eraser would leave Rain to form thier own 2 Man rap group. From there Rain would develop his own record label and recruit over 13 rappers under him and he would record them in his moms house on his computer using Sound Recorder 32. Its amazing that he pulled it off, even getting shows in Dallas with the new LDC "Rain Acity & Massive" They went to madd bass studios in E Orange, NJ. in 1998. Kas and Walt the producers and engineer would put alot of time and effort into recording the demo that contained only 5 songs.

When they returned to Dallas. the group stormed into a radio station and met with Radio Program director Skip Cheatum of K104 fm. and played the demo for him and asked him to play this on the air. At that time the songs where not edited and there was no album ready to go. After talking with Skip Rain relized that thier is a business side to the music industry that out weighs talent. After reformating everything they have done and starting new they finally got "Ride Wit A Savage on the radio for a week strait and "Do Tha Thang" aired once. on 97.9 the beat.

That brings us to the year 2003 where the group has transformed into Savage, consisting of these members. Rain, Acity, Massive and K.T.. From that year to 2004 they complete the album Savage Texas but the album is shelved due to Rain being shipped over seas for the war. OIF 2. and K.T. serving in the army as well. finally in 2005 Rain returns and K.T. is still pending a return back to Dallas, Texas. With one album done as a group Rain has begun his Solo career but still remains a member of Savage. Check out my video FYRE coming soon im filming it now ive already completed day 1 of the filming in East Orange, New Jersey's Madd Bass Studio with the film crew Shout out to Cruzzz. Good Looking out on that one. I will be finishing it up in Dallas Texas after January 24th Dice from the Chop Shop in Arlington, Texas. Look out for the Chop Shop & Savage Studios Merger. I Got To Hold It Down For Texas The Way its Supposed To be done Its alot of cats coming out of the South who do it for the south only, Im doing it for the world I'm bringing the entire state of Texas to the United States then to the southern borders under the Equater. Im Thinking Greater paper. You Do your thing I'll do mine, This is 06 everyone Save your little Studio money up and let me go ahead and put it down for you. Put your paper back in your pocket. Wrap the mic back up return all your equipment back to guitar center. Get all your consignments back, and quit calling Sony. Rain Savage is going to take care of everything else. My people in the Dunc or Da'Ville, Keep on doing your thing. Look im gone tell yall one last time Texas Aint The West We are THE SOUTH. No Doubt, may the truth be told, We what it is Rain Savage!