We are the new melodic to heavy music. We have the ability to stun a crowd, the surprise on their faces when they see our singer scream and then sing soulfully is worth a picture! We love what we do, and will continue to soar into the hearts of millions as we progress.


Stillchyld was formed as the band they are now in January of 2008, and have come a long way in a short period of time. We love heavy metal, and also 90's rock. We have a bit of every kind of sound in our music. Aleshia screams,growls, and yet soulfully sings like a pro. The guitar rifs are melodic, heavy, and have good structure. The bass lines are very bluesy/rock oriented and have a lot of movement to them. The drumlines are simple, yet very rhythmical and flow well with the music and have the ability to make people move. We have been told by several people who have seen us perform that we are extremely good, and sound like no one other than ourselves. The lyrics can be somewhat angry, but they were written with deep emotion, and meaning. There is no pig squealing for this band, and has song structure that can easily be followed. We have a severe love for the stage, whether its in front of 30 people, or 3000 people. We will play anywhere and we play our best. We have a strict practice regimen of a practice every day for at least 2 hours.



Written By: Aleshia Turner

(Verse 1-_
Serving but one
God of war
Total destruction
Violently fighting for
Nothing but everything
All at once
Grasping for air
Nothing to hold
Letting go

What is this?
This violent kiss
Bleeding so slowly
I cant help it
Feed me now
Dont hold me down
Dont fight me child
Theres no one around.....

(Verse 2-)
I am powerless
Surrendering to
The one who calls me
Beyond understanding
He's running through me
Inside this dark mind
Cant take this no more
Life ripped out of me
Becoming so clear
Letting go


No love lost
A victim of
Some mistrust
Im in lust with
The Night-----
Seek not for solitude but for despair
Place in my power control i have lost
It came without warning a burning desire
Place in my hands the power of the

-Im in lust with the night

Beneath the Shadows

Written By: Aleshia Turner

Tell me your lies
No breath inside can hide
This awakened in me to be
The greatest you'll know
What you lost from infedelity
Uncompleting this has unfolded within
The shadow cast up beyond repair
So much despair
Lost emotions built up inside this frail mind
Sensitive to this hold over me
Cant stop shaking so violently
Medicate me
Incandescent inside
Break me free, break me free,
Break me free, Just BREAK ME FREE.......

(Verse 1)
I cant breathe
Its coming down
Its suffocating
Violent inside
Break me apart
Before I break you
Still suffocating
But I still say fuck you

Destroyed by one, yet loved by all
Beneath the shadows, all shall fall

Dont tell me
What the fuck to do
It doesnt matter
Im not with you
You took my life
You took my pride
Now Im nothing
But fucked up inside....

(guitar solo)

(Verse 2)
Filled me with lies
Trembling inside
Cant shake this feeling
I wanna hide
Its so fucked up
How you abused me
So recklessly
But I still say Fuck me




As of right now, we only have a raw demo that consists of 5 songs, with one song that was thrown on there randomnly by the singer, and its just her and the keyboard. We have not yet played a huge show, but are scheduled to open for As I Lay Dying on May 9th at the Rave Ballroom in Milwaukee, WI.

Set List

Our set if allowed to play a long enough time is roughly one hour to hour and a half back to back songs, with a few words in between.
Our songs are as follows:
-This Aint Right
-Distracted From Reality
-Beneath The Shadows
-Insanity of Hate
-Religious Poem
-Left On Empty
-All I'll Ever Know
-Winter Moon
-Lift Me
Our covers consist of a huge variety actually. We cover some Nine Inch Nails, Stabbing Westward, Filter, Type-O-Negative, Smashing Pumpkins, Chumbawumba, Killswitch Engage, Otep, Arch Enemy, Drowning Pool, John Cougar Mellencamp, Slipknot, etc....