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Still Flux

Montréal, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | SELF | AFM

Montréal, Canada | SELF | AFM
Established on Jan, 2016
Band Rock Progressive




"Canadian Bands: Still Flux"

Slamming together classic indie with classic rock along with a tab of psychedelia – Still Flux stomp themselves out a significant circle of potential audience and as importantly leave no section dissatisfied.

The voice could be drawn directly from ’70s Heavy Metal as it expresses through torn larynx the upper registers with a style that is immediately familiar and welcome. The Guitar holds a pivotal point in Still Flux as it threads through – ’90s Indie as it dances round the room in lightness to – rip roaring riffs that finds the audience reaching for air-guitar. The solidity of bass holds the distinct ideas together while the drums decide on the style to follow as they range from beating around the whole kit in ballooning rock formation to confining themsleves to snare and hi-hat.

With more emphasis evidently placed on the rock structures the quartet are able to provide a sound that is perfectly pitched to the cross-over market that will find the audience dancing fleet-footedly, while also reaching for the guitar.

Formed less than a year ago Still Flux have been able to release both a live LP and a Studio album along with establishing a touring presence across Canada and parts of the USA. If you like your Indie a little heavy or your heavy-metal a little light – this is a band to get to know now before the prices of live performances rocket and the tickets themselves become highly sought-after. Expect to hear more of Still Flux in a venue near you in the next few years, if there is any justice in the music industry.

Whilst their most recent Studio eponymous LP is a joy in itself there is an inevitably that I would select to share a track from the live LP – Live At The Blue Venus (both available on bandcamp). - Emerging Indie Bands

"Rock the House: Le meilleur des deux mondes"

Le 2 octobre avait lieu le premier d’une lignée de concerts « maison » organisés par John Castillo, chanteur et guitariste de la formation Still Flux. L’hôte de la soirée fut lui-même étonné du nombre de personnes (une soixante-dizaine) ayant réussi à s’entasser dans l’humble demeure. Succès retentissant, vous dites?

Dès que Still Flux entama le premier morceau, la pièce délicieusement tamisée se remplit au-delà de sa capacité maximale. Même le corridor se meubla de spectateurs au cou allongé pour entrevoir les jeunes musiciens nous livrer leur première prestation en tant que band officiel. Leur répertoire définitivement rock n’est pas sans surprises; entre deux compositions originales, on eut droit à une reprise, disons, légèrement plus hardcore de « Trouble » par Taylor Swift. - MTL Muse

"Still Flux - Still Flux"

Still Flux is a band that formed in 2015 and somehow already released Still Flux a self-titled ten-song full-length album. The band comprised of John Castillo, Johnny Syriani, Luke Winer and David Hernon play straightforward rock. They point to bands like Foo Fighters, Tame Impala and Arctic Monkeys as like minded bands but I can’t say I found that much similar to these bands especially Tame Impala. One thing I did notice was that Castillo sounds like a rock singer from the ’80s more often than not on this album. It’s the inflection in his voice (especially when he goes for higher notes and has to strain his voice) and his general delivery which made me more than once think about hair metal or some other band to come out of the ’80s.

Being such a young band It's not much of a surprise that they don’t have much of a defined sound at this point. The songs follow a lot of tropes from their lyrics to standard guitar solos. That being said the songwriting is consistent if a little scattered.

The band starts with “Keep Moving On.” It’s one of the highlights. The verse has a Franz Ferdinand/The Strokes type vibe. During the chorus there is a poppy ‘80s vibe which is mostly due to the vocal delivery. I’d say the thing that stuck out most about the song was the drumming which was un-relentless. He reminded me of Animal from the Muppets at points. So many fills that you could easily make the argument he was a little overzealous.

“Better Off” is a straightforward rock song which was pleasant but also felt like a myriad of other songs. It was well written and has a good energy. I have to say the drumming again is almost comically intense. A simple beat would suffice at times and Hernon just isn’t having any of it.

“Lonely Lover” sounds like it came straight out of the ’80’s from the lyrics to the music. For better or worse there is just no denying this fact. The band mellows out with “More Than A Friend” while “Big Sur” is a slightly psychedelic highlight. “Bird And The Wind” is the centerpiece and arguably the most ambitious song. The band hits their finest moment which is the most subtle around the four-minute mark.

​For as little as they have been together the band released an impressive debut. On the other hand I’d also like to hear the band step away from some of the more standard rock tropes and develop more of a sound that defines the band on their sophomore release. They have some skill and talent. I just think it’s still a work in progress.
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Still working on that hot first release.



Still Flux, composed of John Castillo, Johnny Syriani, Luke Winer, and David Hernon is a collaborative rock outfit started by singer/songwriter John Castillo in September 2015.

Born out of house shows and a passion for bringing people together, the collective can be found performing monthly in assorted venues at their hometown of Montreal, presenting their unique brand of danceable riffs and technical artistry.

Since forming, Still Flux has gone on to self-produce a full length album, released April 29th, 2016 and tour the northeastern United States and Canada. The group is in pre-production for their upcoming EP, set for release in 2017 alongside a US and Canada tour.

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