A fusion of groove, funk, and rock driven by aggressive rhythms, and highlighted by unique guitars riffs and powerful songwriting. Stillicide has managed to blend a variety of musical influences together to come up with a sound that is totally original.



When the band Stillicide formed in the spring of 2002, its band members looked to the music of their predecessors to help define their style. The psychedelic funk sounds of ‘70s arena rock and the powerful hard rock and metal of the ‘80s and ‘90s can all be heard in their music, but the band managed to take all of these influences and use them to create a sound that is uniquely their own . Stillicide refers to their music as “groove rock with a funk fetish,” which is an accurate description. The band has a diverse sound; some of their songs like Golden Discipline lean heavy on the rock side while others like Chamomile have a strong funk edge. It would be difficult for anyone not to hear the strong groove influence in Three Little Words, but many might argue that Sin Within is perhaps the best representative Stillicide song because of the balance it strikes between the rock, funk, and groove influences.
Despite their innovative songwriting and ability to breathe new life into cover songs, it is the band members themselves who give Stillicide their uniqueness. An interesting blend of personalities coupled with astounding musicianship has created a band that brings a palpable energy to every stage on which they play. The band’s powerful performances are infused with improvisation, poetic lyrics, memorable harmonies, and their trademark—dueling guitar solos; and Stillicide invites the audience into their world with the bits of spontaneous conversation and self-deprecating humor that often takes place between songs.
Stillicide, which was formed in Northern New Jersey, made their Philadelphia debut in the winter of 2006, quickly becoming a staple on the Philadelphia music scene with shows at such venues as Abilene, The Pontiac Grille, and Club 218. The band frequently performs at the Grape Street Pub in Manayunk, Pennsylvania where they’ve enjoyed multiple performances at the WMMR (93.3FM Philadelphia) Thursday night Rock Show. Stillicide made its main stage debut at Philadelphia’s legendary Trocadero Theatre in October 2006 which was preceded by their New York City debut in September. The band began headlining a weekly gig at the Grape Street Pub in August 2007, and recently completed work on a new EP which has a tentative release date of September 2007.


It is Rob Vazquez, a dedicated drummer since the age of three, who lays the foundation of the band's unique sound with his confident, aggressive playing which has been influenced by his admiration for the styles of Chad Sexton of 311 and Living Color's Will Calhoun. Rob also draws on inspiration from Carter Beauford of the Dave Matthew's Band.
Building on the foundation of rhythm laid down by Rob is bassist Nat Werschulz, who with his bass guitar named Shirley, an instrument that survived a blazing three hour car fire (and has the scorch marks to prove it), is not afraid to experiment with his style. Inspired by legendary bassists John Entwistle and John Paul Jones, Nat constantly strives to create something new, which always gives his playing a sense of spontaneity.
Completing the instrumental walls of Stillicide are guitarists Chris Lee and Eric Schraedley. Chris, whose style has a sullen blues feel blended with an atmospheric rock sound, has been influenced by guitarists such as Jimmy Paige and Joe Perry, but it is the Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan who has had the greatest impact on Chris, inspiring the dirty tone that is apparent in his playing today.
Eric, a former member of the Berserk Postal Clerks, brings his ska-punk experience to Stillicide. Eric has an appreciation for well structured guitar riffs, no matter how simplistic, and draws his inspiration from legendary guitarist Carlos Santana, who has influenced the smooth leads and refined sweet tone that is evident in his playing.
The final element of Stillicide is its voice, the voice of Clint Davis. Clint’s admiration for the technique of Tool’s Maynard James Keenan and the style of Brandon Boyd of Incubus shape his thoughtful, yet subtle, melodies and harmonies. That, combined with his expressive and compelling stage presence, blend with his fellow band mates to create an undeniable chemistry that proves to be mesmerizing.


EP - "Throw Away Work of Art" (2004)
EP - "(The) Crime Worth Committing" (Due September 2007)

Set List

Depends on the show - if we are playing all night (Three 1 hour sets) then we will include covers by such bands as Sublime, Stone Temple Pilots, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against the Machine, Collective Soul and even Wild Cherry (Yes, we do a mean version of "Play that Funky Music"). We also perform a now-infamous (and often requested) cover medley that includes songs by the Cars, Billy Idol, the Ramones, Bob Marley, and Afro Man.

Currently, the majority of our shows are original; here is a sample set list from an original show:

Sin Within
3 Little Words
Play On
Golden Discipline
Diumverate of Hate