Still My Queen

Still My Queen


Mixing heart, hard work, sweat, passion and catchy anthems, Still My Queen give the best they got every night to deliver an unforgettable live performance. The Quebec City pop-punk outfit could very well be your new favorite band!


"We don't know where this will lead but I swear I'm not coming home", pledges singer Guillaume "Dick" Boivin on "Forever", one of the leading tracks off of "Make It Happen...", STILL MY QUEEN's debut album.
This promise, the Quebec City pop-punk outfit will hold it against all odds. Convinced they have what it takes to be the first band out of the province of Quebec's capital to make it on the international music scene, Boivin and bandmates St├ęphane Valois (guitar), Pierre-Luc "Pluke" Thibault (guitar), Simon Dorval (bass) and Jay P. Rusk (drums) got together three years ago on the assumption they would one day rule the pop world.
"The chance of a band from (French-speaking) Quebec City succeeding in the English world is pretty thin though", point out Valois, Boivin and Rusk.
True enough. But STILL MY QUEEN could still be your new favorite band. Mixing heart, hard work, streaming sweat and catchy anthems, the five musicians give the best they got every night to deliver unforgettable live performances.
In 2006 only, the quintet put their word where their mouth was in more than one occasion, giving passionate performances in prestigious events like the Quebec City International Summer Festival, alongside fellow pop-punksters The All-American Rejects and punk-rock gods MxPx, or Woodstock en Beauce, where they shared the bill with their Simple Plan friends.
Those two invitations followed the release, in February 2006, of "Make It Happen...", a collection of 10 solid rock songs combining their unique blend of passionate lyrics, raging voice, melodic guitars and complex drumming, much in the line of Taking Back Sunday, one of the band's main influences along with Aerosmith and Blink-182.
The album opens with "Over You", a powerful two-speed song about the bittersweet emotions of a break-up, followed by the irresistible rock anthem and first single "The Golden Years", which explores happy teenage memories.
Produced by local rock hero Louis "Fire Lewis" Mercier and mastered by renowned New York technician Alan Douches (Brand New, Thrice, Saves the Day, Fall Out Boy), the album released on New Horizon Records also features contributions by labelmate and local hardcore legend Jessy Baron (GFK) as well as good pals Olivier Maguire (Fifth Hour Hero), Mathieu Guilbault (Fifth Hour Hero) and Samuel Paquin (Each on Set).
But most of all, "Make it Happen..." is an open window on lyricists Boivin and Dorval's hopes and dreams and a positive musical outlook on life.
"Our band is a happy band, explains Simon. There is so much bad stuff going on in the world today. Why not try to escape that? Plus, the music we're making is the music we like to hear. Whatever happens we always come back to it. We're not trying to follow a trend just because it is what's selling right now. From our beginnings, we've always been pretty simple people."
During those first couple of years, STILL MY QUEEN relentlessly played on the local scene sharing the stage with acts like Goldfinger, Silverstein, Spitalfield, The Black Maria, Roses Are Red, No Use for a Name and The Weakerthans.
Releasing their first demo in January 2004, the band immediately caught the ears of many fans and crowds got bigger at each show they played. After booking their own Eastern Canadian tour the band thought that it would be time to enter the studio record what would be their first full length album. Followed another successful tour, in June 2006, of the Maritimes, Quebec and Ontario provinces.


The Golden Years

Written By: Still my Queen

I heard about the news today
I really wish that this was great
I'm sure, this was
you're pretty lucky I must say
now looking back I miss this place
I miss, those days

The story goes, only memories remain
move forward now, we're older now
We'll get pass these addictions
and celebrate this time
kisses and best wishes
for those who keep me alive
move forward now, it's over now

we've always dreamt about tommorow
Knowing the truth we'd never
had followed, oh no
These are your words
bright, sure so sweet
graduated we''ll never
follow, oh no

The story goes, only memories remain
we'll move forward now, we're older now
We'll get pass these addictions
and celebrate this time
kisses and best wishes
for those who keep me alive
move forward now, it's over now

Cleverish and spotless
with so much left to say
I know, you know


"Make it Happen..." (2006)
"Still My Queen" (2004)

Set List

1- Forever
2- Over YOu
3- The Golden Years
4- God Bless You
5- Freefall Of An A-List Actor
6- Nothing Can Stay
6- I Got It
7-Still my Queen

30 min.