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"Myspace Cadets: Stillpoint"

Music can be about nothing at all. Music can be just noise. Music can be an excuse to dance. In the case of Stillpoint, music is an outlet for storytelling. With a sound that’s clearly influenced by Ryan Adams and some slight spiritual overtures, Stillpoint are hardly revolutionary in their design. However, their EP “City Set Alight” is a decent debut with promising signs that may make this band one to watch in the future with a little luck.

The title track is probably the highlight of the release. It’s aspirational and energetic, with David McKendry’s gruff and emotional vocals a nice contrast to the poppy nature of the tune. A decent chorus and some great production makes “City Set Alight” a standout track: short, sweet and not trying to be anything it’s not. Throughout the EP there are some flashes of great and inventive songwriting: an unusual chorus here, an interesting chord structure there. The lyrical style resembles a photograph, capturing and creating an entire scene for the listener. ”Break Away” is the darkest track on this EP, and it’s available for download free from NIChart (linked below). The guitars are more threatening and the drumming is top notch, while the conversational lyrical style continues.

I said there were flashes of great songwriting earlier in the review: on the whole, the quality varies from track to track. There are times where you just wish Stillpoint would loosen up a little: the outro to “Fade” is simply crying out for a guitar solo to go with the thunderous performance of Frances Campbell on drums. However, I’ve got a strong feeling with a few more gigs under the band’s belts they’ll be more confident in both their performances and more prepared to take risks musically.

All in all, it’s good stuff. A few tweaks here and there would make Stillpoint a great band: the elements are all there, it’s just a question of being a little more adventurous.

Check out: City Set Alight, Fade.
- Secret Fireworks


Valentina (Single) - Release October 2010
City Set Alight EP - Released June 2009



Stillpoint formed in 2008, drawing musical influences from Foo Fighters, Biffy Clyro, Pearl Jam and Paramore. Combined with the lyrical musings of songwriter David McKendry, the band formed their debut release, 'City Set Alight' (EP).
Stillpoint are currently recording their debut single 'Valentina' (release date 11/11/10).