Stillpoint are a band who express raw emotion through their music. They reflect upon everyday life experiences and write songs that help dispel the negative energy that we face everyday of our lives.


Stillpoint strive to encompass the epic in a blinding fury of sound and song.

Formed in 2008, Stillpoint take the lyrical musings of chief songwriter Dave McKendry and combine them with a blistering sound that would make your father weep.

They recorded their debut EP in 2009 and have gigged throughout, practicing and honing their live set to a standard that has seen them grow a keen local fanbase.

2010 sees Stillpoint in the final of the All Ireland Battle of the Bands, awaiting their chance to compete for the grand prize later in the year. With plans for a fresh new EP, set to take a huge leap off the platform that was the City Set Alight EP, it’s set to be a very interesting year for the three guys and the girl from Belfast!