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Still Standing

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Philly Band Zone"

This punk band is gonna hit more than the tri-state area pretty damn fast if it hasn't already. They had a huge fan-base, and a rocker image that will easily catch eyes enough to catch even more ears. This trio blended well, and makes anyone listening wanna spike up their hair, rip their shirt, and jump in. Their albums are already picking up, and I suggest picking them up as well, if you wanna sing along like everyone else! - Philly Band Zone

"State Of Emergency"

Still Standing are a good looking, young 3 piece that play Punk/Rock. They play it sugary, they play it fast and above all they play it well. The album opens with ‘Take Your Time’ a muted bouncing chord progression similar to Sugarcult’s – ‘Bouncing Off The Walls’. Justin’s vocal style is pleasing and well harmonized. One that harnesses his honey coated American accent very well. This band evidently knows full well that the chorus must always be the high point of the song and they certainly aren’t afraid of a guitar solo. So while they swim amongst the friendly dolphins of pop-punk they can’t help but edge closer to the shark netting that separates them from a far more rocky style.

‘X-rated’ is a song that demonstrates their edgier sound with its dark bassline and subdued yet expressive drumming. This shadowy song explodes into a chorus full of nostalgic anguish. ‘Looking for a sign, something in my life has meaning’ shows a lack of innovation yet also significant promise. While some of their lyrics may not be challenging or even present a fresh dialogue on old subjects they always work well with the music. That is what makes Still Standing a good bet in a full to capacity race. They have the music. This means they more than likely have the live show and from the artwork they certainly have the look. The lyrics will follow as they mature further; the more you play the easier it becomes after all. That said songs like; ‘Take Your Time’ & ‘Separate Ways’ are excellently written, played and structured.

The great thing about ‘Fashionably Late’ is the intricacies that are slipped in throughout; like a few harmonics in ‘Separate Ways’. The songs are filled with little touches that add a whole other dimension to them. This is something they should focus on in the struggle to get their heads further above the water. ‘4 Walls & Alcohol’ is a fast paced thrill ride of melody and harnessed emotion. There is a little too much echo on the voice however, an error on the production not the vocalist of course. With better production this band have the talent to sound just as good as the ‘New Found Glory’s’ of the world.

Still Standing’s - ‘Fashionably Late’ is a real accomplishment. It is bristling with hooks, melodies and subtleties. The arrangement is flawless as is the structure. It may be a little by the numbers but I think in time that will dissipate and songs like; the effervescent ‘Take Your Time’ & evocative ‘Separate Ways’ will become more and more frequent. This album is definitely worth checking out because it may prove to mean a whole lot more to you than you would first imagine. It is certainly a mixed bag. However I have seen plenty of larger bands produce far less in 8 songs than Still Standing. This band is talented, open and suited to their chosen style. All they need is a song like; ‘Take Your Time’ with a video on rotation and they could be huge; by then they will have come into their own musically and the rest would of course; be history. - Liam Thomson


Fashionably Late - released in 2002
Get In Line - released in 1999


Feeling a bit camera shy


Two 12 year old brothers, a basement and some guitars. That’s how it started for Justin and Johnny back in 1994. They had just lost their father, Tony, a member of Polygram recording artist, Blackeyed Susan. They wanted to play music more than ever. So, they moved forward, learning to play their instruments, writing songs, working out harmonies and jamming with different musicians to find the right combination.
It took a while to find collaborators with the same vision. Finally, in 1999, they met drummer, Alex Zarzycki. STILL STANDING now had the core of something special. The guys rehearsed non-stop, writing song after song, trying to forge a unique musical direction. Although they loosely fall into the pop/punk genre, STILL STANDING makes the music their own by incorporating a variety of influences: Johnny’s straight ahead rock and Alex’s solid pocket.

Justin is the principal writer, responsible for STILL STANDING’S lyrical substance. He creates songs that explore the harsh landscape of growing up: Why don’t things make sense? Why am I on the outside? Why am I different? Simply put, Justin moves you with his soul questioning. Very few write with as much sincerity: he means every word, every syllable.

Fortunately, people are starting to take notice. STILL STANDING is building up a strong fan base in the Mid-Atlantic region. And, they’re doing it the old fashioned way: one delirious teenager at a time. They perform at clubs, skate parks, churches, legion halls and parties – anywhere that kids are trying to find honest music. The more they perform, the better it gets. Recently, STILL STANDING opened for Sugarcult at Philadelphia’s TLA and sent the 350 kids in attendance into musical orbit. It got so crazy that the fans blocked the exits so STILL STANDING couldn’t leave until they signed more autographs.

STILL STANDING has released two independent records, Get In Line and more recently in late 2002, Fashionably Late. Their records have sold well throughout South Jersey at Tower, Sam Goody and Tunes.