Still Well Angel

Still Well Angel


A taste of what’s like to be rocked like an earthquake


This Boston based band has a combination of technical heavy guitar, well written bass, blistering drums, and memorable lyrics. "A taste of what it’s like to be rocked like an earthquake" says Sound Check Magazine.

Their powerful live performance has brought Still Well Angel much success over the last 5 years, including showcasing for major labels such as Universal/Interscope and opening for national recording artists RA, The Misfits, Powerman 5000 and Adema (with plenty more to come by October 2005). They were awarded Best Local Band at the N.H.T.I Battle of the Bands 2005 and have placed first in three other Battles of the Bands. There is no stopping this band from going to the top, but “don’t let the fact that the word angel is in their moniker fool you as there is nothing angelic about this group”.

In 1999 twin brothers Sean (guitar/vocals) and Stephen “The Animal” Chicarello (drums) decided to form Still Well Angel with friend and then bass player Kevin “Kex” Fisher. The three began playing shows, recording, and competing in Battles of the bands as a trio. Then in 2000 local radio station Rock 101 played “Proof” and requests came pouring in. “Lyrically I try to write from my heart and soul but also open my eyes to what’s going on around me and then make a connection. I want passion and healing to take place” says Sean.

The band continued performing at local clubs and recording their music for the next two years. However, Sean loved just singing and the band agreed that a lead guitarist would add power to their performance. When they meet Ivan “IZ” Bourdoukan in 2002 they found the guitarist they were looking for. The band asked Ivan to join them in the studio to lay down guitar tracks for their second radio song "Dream”. Ivan officially joined Still Well Angel in December 2003.

The band was now complete and in January 2005 they decided it was time to release their first full CD. They have spent a great deal of time in the studio perfecting what will prove to be “a killer first record” says Stephen. “Let’s just do what we love, make an impact in the music business, and record some music that takes you on a ride.”

"It’s all about the music and the fans of course" says Ivan. The band's motto has always been “Face all…no regrets!” and that is what they intend to do as they take on the music world one day at a time.


Cykill Cyclonis

Written By: Sean Chicarello

You always seemed you had to go
There was so much you didn’t know
We used to talk about everything
And when you left me you said nothing
But why you left me I’d love to know
I’ve had enough, just go

Just go…x3
I’ve had enough you’ve got me feeling you’re…x4

Chorus: Psycho
I’ve had enough you’ve got me feeling you’re psycho…x4

Verse 2:
Just go
And why is this I’ll figure out
If this is for you then stand up and shout
We never fought about a single thing
And when you left me you said nothing
And why you left me I’d love to know
I’ve had enough, just go

Pre-chorus: Repeat
Chorus: Repeat
Guitar: Solo
Chorus: Repeat
Outro: I’ve had enough


The songs below have had airplay on local radio.
2000/2001-"Something Brand New"
2004/2005-"No frind of mine" and "Cykill Cyclonis"
We have never put out an album, But have released four 5 song EP's.

Set List

Depending on how many bands are playing, we play half hour to 45 min sets. However we have enough material to fill an hour and a half.
We only play originals.
SWA Set List
-Cykill Cyclonis
-No Halo
-Now or Never
-Dark Illusions-
-7 Min Bitch-
-Dry Soul