Stillwood Sages

Stillwood Sages

 Roseville, California, USA

This is a Multi Genre Band that has many styles of music that are considered a master weaving of sound. Try twisting Eric Clapton, Jethro Tull, or Santana and BB King. Or James Taylor, Cat Stevens, and Crosby Stills Nash and Young. You create a fusion of sound to get Stillwood Sages.

The director/writer for the band is Curtis Hildebrand ( Guitar, Vox), who will be working with the band on two CD's coming out in May 2011. Further full collaborations will take form in the future. Both Scott G


Curtis Hildebrand-Guitar, Vox.

He is a veteran writer and performer. He is comfortable on various instruments and a long time vocalist. Curtis has been influenced by all the greats Classical to Progressive, Blues and Rock. He has worked with the following artist: Arni Stanton (Composer), Chuck Hulsey (Master Guitarist), Jack King (Bass Ackwards), Lisa Haley (Zydeco), Alan Hirano (Samurai Homeboys), Alan Kisaka (Composer), Randy Green and the Desert Breeze, Jordan Ballou (Art of Life Band), Nelson Duviella (Percussionist) . Curtis wrote for bands in the 80's Called: Jeremiah Cry, Antioch, as well as solo acoustic performances.

Andrew Conn-5 String Bassist,

Conn has been grooving on the Electric Bass and performing in Rock Bands since the age of Eleven. Conn, Rosato, and Jackson Produced Jaxon Boom's "On Probation" EP in collaboration with mixing Engineer John Escobar. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Contemporary Writing and Production from Berklee College of Music and has been producing for the last 5 years.

On Drums is Scott Garrett-

He brings years of traditional training in the percussion world. He brings this current projects sound to a whole new level, He has toured and performed with bands called Dead Cell, The Emily and Nine Even. He has toured coast to coast. His abilty to hear and arrange on the rythmn for Stillwood Sages creates a powerfull and dynamic sound.

Backing Vocals/Caryl Harrison-

An awesome vocal talent that brings years of experience in both backing vocal, harmonies, and Lead. She has performed with bands called the Harrisons, Steelhorse and also performed on live radio. She has toured venues from Sacramento to Nashville.


We will release the Debut CD "the Cut in Me" May 25th

This is a Classic rock sound that is going to blow your mind.