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"StilrizE Performs @ Goodtimes Closing in Somerville"

Combining many influences with personal talents is the basic ingredient for the Boston based alternative rock band Stilrize. Two brothers started the band back in August of 2005, today Daniel, Sean, Andrew, and Michael make-up Strilize. They play about two shows a month while writing their new CD hopefully to be released sometime in the fall. The guys mesh really well together and seem like they know how to have a great time. The animated drummer, Michael, is only twenty years old and had been active in the band since his junior year of high school. He claimed to be interested in country, which was exciting for me because no one in Boston ever likes country, like I do. He told Theresa and I that he was going to wear his cowboy hat for the show, which the other guys cringed at, but he gave in and didn’t put it on after all.

Andrew, the lead singer, spoke fervently about what Stilrize stood for. “We don’t categorize ourselves with any particular genre,” He said. I find this to be true. I listened to the band and found myself constantly changing my mind about what category to place them in. Then, after speaking with them, I realized that I really couldn’t. Although, together the songs ring an alternative rock vibe, it would be difficult to label them as that alone. As for the future, with the next album, the band plans to continue experimenting with new sounds and broadening their style with variety.

As the guys set up, and the show started, a fairly large crowd got up and surrounded the stage. Good Times in Somerville, is one of the weirdest places I have ever ventured to in the Boston area, the show was enjoyable. The guys admitted they liked playing at this particular venue because it’s a good location and they get a showing of followers who have been supporting them from the beginning. This type of music has never been favorable to me, but after meeting these guys and watching their show I’ll admit they are really awesome. They are fun, nice, and really talented guys performing and continuing to create good music

Check out the bands myspace, - Rachel Sutton of BostonNightLife.TV

"Great Up and Coming Local Band "StilrizE""

I witnessed such an outstanding, and refreshing performance the other night from a band called "StilrizE." They're a local band doing big things. They're a rarity in today's music climate. A mix of not only just straight ahead rock, but acoustically based, well crafted harmonies and songwriting, great hooks, and some thoughtful lyrics gives your ears a lot more to listen to and enjoy. A very different band in means of giving you a variety of sound, and song. Be sure to check them out, and feel lucky to see a future success as I was!
-Rob from -


StilrizE "Unreleased Tracks" (2008)
1. Anxiety
2. Fake-Ass Girlfriend
3. Broken Tragedy
4. Quicksand
5. (Coming Soon)
6. (Coming Soon)
7. (Coming Soon)
8. (Coming Soon)
9. (Coming Soon)
10. (Coming Soon)
11. (Coming Soon)
12. (Coming Soon)
13. (Coming Soon)
14. (**Bonus Track Coming Soon)
15. (**Bonus Track Coming Soon)
16. (**Bonus Track Coming Soon)

StilrizE "The Dream..." (2006)
1. New Awakening
2. The Dream...
3. Underneath
4. My Lovely Hypocrite
5. Damn Beautiful
6. These Chains
7. Recognize It
8. Name
9. Check Yourself Out
10. Don’t Ever Look Back
11. Marching On
12. The Dream...(Remix)

StilrizE EP (2005)
1. These Chains
2. Driven To Regrets
3. Another Day
4. Be With You Tonight
5. Marching On



We are like a family. From its four members, the rest of the StilrizE team, and all the amazing family and friends who are supporting us in turning this dream into a reality. Our first album is titled "The Dream...", which was released in late 2006. We're currently working on releasing another album expected to be due out in late autumn of 2008.

We all have different lives, but share the same passion for music. We are able to portray life events and lessons through our music. We all bring something unique to the table, from Sean’s guitar riffs, Dan’s bass lines and acoustic keys, Mike’s beats, and all the way to Andrews’s lyrics and vocals, along with his earlier percussion background and ideas with guitar melodies. When all of these talents are brought together, you have StilrizE.

We have been influenced by all kinds of music since we were kids. From listening to our parent’s music like The Eagles, Elton John, CSN&Y, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and more. We were also introduced to new music from our older siblings and friends who tuned us into music like Metallica, Alice in Chains, Guns & Roses and more. We also take great influence from today's music like Shinedown, 3 Doors Down, Nickelback, Staind, and many more...

StilrizE loves to write, practice, and work in the studio, and most of all, to have that feeling of saluting the crowd with our creations. To be able to take those results and perform them live for everyone willing to listen, is a big part of our dream... As unique as we all may be, we have one dream in mind, to be able to touch, change and inspire different people throughout the world with our music.