A rarity in today's music climate. A band that doesnt have that same old sound, especially when listening to our whole album. A variety of different hooks and vocals, along with great melodies and words that hypnotize. We range from acoustically-based songs, all the way to the songs that pump ya up.


First and foremost, we think the two biggest things that makes a song's lyrics are usually relationships, and life's journeys. We are a band from the outskirts of Boston, Massachusetts. Our favorite thing to do is to create something from a simple little beat, or riff, or vocals melody, and then watch it grow into something amazing. Writing is definitely where we use our heads and have the most fun. Don't get us wrong though, we play as many shows as we can. We absolutely love playing to our fans. We try to play each weekend. Other than that, it's the studio or major practice (which we normally have every mon.-thurs. night). We all have full-time jobs, so it's basically right when we get out of work, it's usually practice time. Our ages range from 19-22 years old. We've been together for almost two years and have a demo out, and a few months back released a 12 song album titled "The Dream..."
This has been a huge album for us as far as getting our name out there throughout our state. We are in the process of writing another album as we speak.
Our influences range from classic rock such as ac/dc, boston, kansas, zeppellin, skynard all the way to today's bands like shinedown, godsmack, trapt, ra, breaking bejamin, staind, nickleback, 3 doors down, and many more.


These Chains

Written By: Andrew Deprey (Singer from "StilRize")


I'm reaching out for that someone to guide me through this compulsion
Found some more chaos today
Can ya help me out in some damn way?
I wish I knew what I could be
Can you foresee my destiny?
Please tell me...


Can you fly down from the sky, and force out all the weakness that's killin' me, that's makin' me fall down?
Can you ever tell me why, why I can't let all my feelings free, free from all these chains?
These chains...


I watched the days go by too fast, and I did nothin' to make them last
So I guess this is the end
I pray for it to be pretend, and re-begin


Where has time gone?
I have only just begun
Been here too long, I just need to see the sun
Where has time gone?
I just need to breath again
Where has time gone?


These chains that I made on my own..........


All our songs are:
(Old Demo)
Another Day
Marching On
Be With You Tonight
Driven To Regrets

(Newest Album)
New Awakening
The Dream
My Lovely Hypocrite
Damn Beautiful
These Chains
Recognize It
Check Yourself Out
Don't Ever Look Back
The Dream...(REMIX)

we have had These Chains, and The Dream played a few times on local showtimes for the station around here. We acxtually just recently were selected to put our song The Dream onto a radio station's "making of 2007 calendar" DVD soundtrack, which we were completely honored and psyched to be apart of!

Set List

typical set lists range from a half hour, to no more than a little over an hour at the clubs and venues around here. We could probably pull off an hour and a half with originals.
Cover tunes we usually play are Shinedown's "45(acoustic), and "Fly from the Inside"...Stone Temple Pilots "Plush", and Staind's "outside"