New Wave influenced Disco Rock - . On tour with Duran Duran and the Go-Go's.



“Seriously sassy n’catchy pop, Stimulator led by sultry singer Susan Hyatt (Pillbox) & guitarist-producer Geoff Tyson (Snake River Conspiracy) play radio-friendly Blondie meets Garbage style grinds to seduce with robust hooks & big choruses all buffed to a slinky sparkly sheen”- - LA Weekly

The year was 1978 - The hands of America were glued to an Atari joystick, Olivia Newton-John became every boy's fantasy in Grease, and rock n' roll got kissed by seductive synth beats.

For music, it was an era of contradiction in the best possible way. New wave, punk and disco may have had their own fervent -and very separate- followings, but they had more in common than each cared to admit.

“People weren't afraid to have bad haircuts, or wear day glow or sing about ants invading," says singer/songwriter Susan Hyatt - the steamy yet strong female presence of Stimulator.

Stimulator’s quirky retro feel (which helped them score high profile gigs with the likes of Berlin & Missing Persons) is just one layer here. Make no mistake, this is a thoroughly modern musical unit with an impressive array of credentials and an understanding of technology's ever-evolving role in music.

Susan Hyatt, not only had a Top 20 single in the UK with her grungy-rock group Pillbox, she was also a well-known VJ on Londons' MP3TV. More recently, she served as a consultant to Gina Gershon for the girl rock flick "Prey For Rock n' Roll."

Geoff Tyson, the songwriter/producer of Stimulator, best known as the former ax-man for gloomy grinders Snake River Conspiracy, but before that his riff skills were honed and refined by the best: he's worked in the studio with the likes of Mike Shipley and Eric Valentine and he's a former protégée of none other than guitar god Joe Satriani.

When these two get together it's pure alchemy. Pulsating electro-pop melodies, razor sharp licks and attitude-laden vocals (not to mention Hyatt's often outrageous, DIY stage outfits) make for a, well, stimulating experience.

Blow up dolls, S&M (physical and emotional) and a tell-it-like it-is take on materialism are just a few of the images and themes that pierce through the band's aggressive yet bubbly cuts.

It’s their infectious sound that's won over the likes of Kerrang (UK) and LA Weekly (US), and its what will ultimately garner fans of all tastes and age ranges- even the kiddies. They'll soon be heard in the Disney film “Ella Enchanted” doing a wonderfully wicked cover of "Magic," made famous by none-the-other than the aforementioned 70s/80s goddess herself Ms. Olivia.

Of course, playing on a Disney soundtrack isn't exactly what you might expect from a group this provocative, but then nothing they do is predictable. Check out their debut CD and you'll see -and feel- for yourself.

Stimulator played one week on the US WARPED Tour being hand-picked as the winner of the John Lennon songwriting contest by WARPED organiser Kevin Lyman. They were on tour in the US with Duran Duran
and now with the Go-Go's.


Full length recorded and mastered CD available online.
Artwork co-designed by Duran Duran's John Taylor.

Set List

78 Stimulator
Let's Hook Up
Mechanical Love
Mixed Signals
How Far Would You Go?
Fame is Lame
My Beautiful Muse