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he is one of the most talented up and coming Aboriginal Australians, Rapper/Actor/Song writer/ he does it all . A member of Hip hop group TDB, he is now rocking the crowds and listeners with his solo music giving the world a more in depth look at stinga T , Some say best Mc in Australia.


Rapper/actor/song writer Thibul Nettle aka Stinga T was born November 1st 1982 in Perth, Western Australia. He is an Aboriginal Australian of the Yamatji and Bibulman peoples With a background of Maori, Native American ,Italian, and Irish within his bloodline. He has an extensive range of experience in performing on stage as an solo MC and with his hip hop group TDB and also an actor for Film & theatre productions. Stinga T plans to extend these skills to acting in films and television. This is one guy who will be around for along time to come weather it be on stage rapping with his group TDB or on set acting Stinga T is sure to be a household name. As For Stinga T"s music as a solo Artist a lot of it is very Lyrical and he tends to write a lot different then when writing to TDB songs , he brings heart felt lyrics , sometimes very dark ,and love the hard banging street tracks . Regarded as one of the most talented rapper/actors in oz . Not only is he a great entertainer he is C.E.O of record label/film production company Deadly Boyz Entertainment which was set up in late 2009 for the main purpose to release


Dear Mama Dear Dad

Written By: T.Nettle

Dear Mama Dear Dad
Writtien by Thibul Nettle

Verse 1
She is my angel
The women is my life
Always there for me
And she wouldn't think twice
A heart of gold
Her love's in creditable
Loyal she love me til the day she goes
A strong single mother
Needs to be respected
Riased 7 kids
So much love
We never felt neglected
And when she smiled
My spirit was up lifted
Had to smile back
Cause i just couldn't help it
I seen this women fall
I thought she was out and all
She wipe her tears
Lifted her head and then took control
She been through it all
Drugs and the alcohol
Domestic violence
Bashed , Crused thrown against the wall
And still she stands here today
So strong and beautiful
So inspirational
She over came it all
She is my super woman
And im her proud son
And im a love her forever
Aint no woman like my MUM

Chorus x2
Dear mama Dear Dad
Im a write you a song
While you here right now
While you breatheing and you strong
Just to let you both know
Before you both pass on
That i love you
And im so proud to be your son

Verse 2
He is my king
The man that i wanna be
He dose everything he can for his family
He’d work 24/7 just to feed his kids
Protect them with his life
Cause that’s the type of father he is
He never ever had it easy
Yo and that’s the thing
He lost his mum and dad
Before he even reached his teens
Got raised up on the streets
But still he had a dream
Police would hassel him
For the colour of his skin
Ive seen him down and out
He had them trouble days
He could of walked away
And watch us all fade
But he didn't
He stayed strong
And he found faith
Leaving his kids
Would have been his
Biggest life mistake
So he stay
And showed his boys had to be a man
Loved his daughters with every
Inch oh love he had
So when its time for me
To raise my kids
Im gonna love them , be proud
Raise them up good
Just how my dad raised me
I love you dad

Chorus x 4
Dear mama Dear Dad
Im a write you a song
While you here right now
While you breatheing and you strong
Just to let you both know
Before you both pass on
That i love you
And im so proud to be your son

Spoken outro
Dear Mama , Dear Dad
I thought id take somtime out
To write you a song
To let you both know how much
I appreate your love and support
You brought me into this world
And gave me a chance to live a good life
And for that i will always be grateful
I am the man i am today
Because of your love
Forever in my heart now and in your resting days
I love you both


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Set List

set usual is 30 mins , song i preform will vary depending on wat type the show is, songs i perform are in the audio section of this epk plus How Low, Real Deal, Scorpion Queen, What you Know bout that.