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Two Face 2012 (Album)

I'm Sorry
I'm Taking Over
My Life Style
How Low
Dear Mama Dear Dad
Love You Right
Live For You
Put Them Up
Dark Times
Stinga Horror Times
Till The Day I Die



Rapper/actor/song writer Thibul Nettle aka Stinga T was born November 1st 1982 in Perth, Western Australia. He is an Aboriginal Australian of the Yamatji and Bibulman peoples With a background of Maori, Native American, Italian and Irish within his bloodline. He has an extensive range of experience in performing on stage as a solo MC and with former group TDB and also an actor for Film & theatre productions. His solo song writing is very lyrical where he writes in a mixture of moods from heart felt lyrics, sometimes dark themes to hard hitting street tracks. He is one of the best all round performers in the entertainment industry taking the nation by storm labelled as the next big thing he strives to achieve nothing but the best pushing himself every day to the limits to perfect his craft and be the best entertainer he can be.

Growing up he was a natural athlete every sport he played he was just naturally very good at it even if he didn’t know how to play the sport at first he would somehow turn out better than the person teaching him how to play the game. He was a fast learner a perfectionist and when it came to Aussie Rules Footy he was one of the best going around at the time throughout high school some even thought he would go on to play AFL at the highest level, he played for his beloved Salisbury North Hawks all through his teenage years then winning such awards like best and fairest 3 times which was the highest award you could receive with in the club going on to play at Port Adelaide Magpies and Central District Bulldogs under 17 teams. Stinga‘s dedication was on point when his friends would go out and party he would be at home perfecting his craft didn’t drink didn’t smoke or do any drugs didn’t even do any criminal activity as a teenager for stinga he wanted a whole lot more out of his life he didn’t want to be like some of his mates doing the wrong things.
Stinga was often describe as having tunnel vision while he was succeeding at sport his education was going downhill, not giving the same attention to his studies that he did with his sport. Teachers would often be on his back all the time about it , he started to become distractive not going to class, shouting at teachers messing around with his mates in class even got to the point where he almost got kicked out of his high school. At that point you didn’t need to tell him twice he knew being thrown out of his school he would have to start all over again at another school, from that point he choose to knuckle down and finish high school.
In 1997 he saw his younger cousin Michael Collard performing a hip hop song to the Japanese exchange students from that moment he thought to himself wow this would be an awesome thing to be able to do. So he started learning how to write and rap and sing songs, for two years on and off he even did vocals lessons with mentor Ken Elliot attending the sessions every Monday along his his brother Yarba and cousin Michael when the singing lessons stopped due to Ken’s work load increasing. Meanwhile at high school he had just been placed into the Drama course at first he chose this subject because all his mates where in it cause it was a subject that pretty much every one could bludge at the entire lesson. It was there stinga had to do a Romeo and Juliet play while his mates where not interested he took it serious and had a good when he receive high marks the teacher suggested that he did drama the following year. So he did and it was there he met his drama teacher Ms Tierny- Smith and his love for acting began. While receiving high marks in Drama and his involvement with music his teacher suggested that maybe he sit down and really think about pursuing acting and music as a career and not football because he was really good at music and acting and the two would fit as one later in life.
In 1999 he did the impossible and shocked everyone by leaving football and starting a hip hop group called “West Side Boyz” with his yo